What is body jewelry?

The term "body jewelry" applies to any jewelry that is used to decorate a piercing on the body, with sizes varying from 00 gauge to 20 gauge, depending on the piercing. Most body jewelry features some sort of threaded or hinged closure, making it easy to remove from the body piercing when needed. Body piercings are common on the face and torso, and even the genitals for those who are adventurous.

What kinds of body jewelry does Spencer's sell?

Whether you’re getting your first piercing or have dozens of body piercings ranging from your head down, Spencer’s has a wide variety of body jewelry to reflect your personality and make you stand out. Here's a quick glance of what our jewelry section has to offer:

  • Ear Piercings & Gauges

Sure, we have plenty of gorgeous studs and dangle earrings. But if you think you won't be able to find more than earrings at Spencer's, then you probably haven't visited us for a while! We've got awesome cartilage jewelry like tragus rings, daith rings, and industrial bars, but you're especially in luck if you have earlobe gauges. Spencer's offers a selection of spirals, pinchers, tapers, tunnels, and plugs that's sure to keep your ears looking awesome and feeling good. And don't worry, if you haven't dived into the world of piercings just yet, then you can still appreciate our fake piercing jewelry.

  • Face Piercings

There's about five different kinds of popular face piercings: Eyebrows, nose, lips, tongue, and dermal. Eyebrow rings are often curved to fit the eyebrow, while labrets are often straight or hoops to fit through the lip. Nose piercings can be through the nostril or the septum, and our septum jewelry varies from horseshoes to captives, with some of our most popular being clickers since the hinged closure makes changing your septum ring a snap. If you want a nose ring for your nostril, then we have have everything from nose screws to nose bones to keep you looking awesome. Or if you'd rather grab a new barbell for your tongue piercing, then you'll love our selection of tongue rings, with colorful beads or pendants to perfectly decorate your tongue piercing. And while dermal piercings are slightly less popular, they can be done on almost any part of the face, and you can find your next cute dermal ring right here at Spencer's!

  • Nipple & Belly Piercings

Pierced nipples and navel piercings are quite common, so we have a wide selection of jewelry for both of these body piercings. Who doesn't love a cute belly ring or sexy nipple rings? If you’re a nipple piercing fan, as celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna are, then we’ve got a wide range of barbells, rings and shields so you can decorate your nubs with everything from heart barbells to opal horseshoes and everything in between. You can tease a nipple ring beneath a tank top, or show off any of our cute belly button rings with a crop top artfully shows off your navel. From beaded barbells and nipple shields to banana rings and dangle belly rings, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for your body piercing.  

  • Intimate Piercings

Intimate and special, there's nothing quite like having a genital piercing. Spencer's has body jewelry for all kinds of intimate body piercings, so even if it's only you and your lover who see it, you'll be happy knowing your new jewelry looks good.

Should I clean my body jewelry?

Aftercare may help a piercing during its healing time, but you should still care for your piercing long after it's healed. It's important to take the time to thoroughly wash your body jewelry, whether with antibacterial soap or saline solution. If you're worried about your piercing closing up, then make sure to put in a retainer to avoid this from happening. Remember that if you ever thing you're having an allergic reaction to your jewelry, you should immediately remove it from your body and talk to your piercer--especially if it's a genital or oral piercing.

Body piercings can be the ultimate fashion statement, and it's part of you for as long as you’d like it to be. Just like a tattoo, your body jewelry should be something you absolutely love, and not just something you put up with because it was “close enough” to your true style. From plugs and nose rings to navel rings and barbells, you're sure to find something that's perfect for your body. Because no matter what kind of piercing you have, Spencer’s is here to fulfill all of your body piercing jewelry needs.

Not sure where to start? Never fear! Our handy dandy body jewelry guide has everything you need to learn, from how each of them works to what sizes we carry.