Spencer's knows sex, which means we have all the erotic toys you want most, including realistic dildos.

            What is a realistic dildo?

            A realistic dildo lives true to its name: it's a dildo designed to look and feel like an actual penis. While made from body-safe materials, the goal is to be as "life like" and realistic as possible. These sex toys can be used for oral, vaginal, and (if it they have a flared base) anal sex.

            Why are realistic dildos so popular?

            While sex toys come in a huge range of colors, shapes and sizes, some people prefer dildos that look like a human penis. Someone may want a realistic dildo to be reminded of a lover while he’s away, or while they’re single and waiting to meet the right person. Real feel dildos even make it easy to fantasize about a sexy stranger whose package may look as tempting as your new toy (if that's what you're into). 

            Does a realistic dildo feel just like a penis? Are regular dildos different from realistic ones?

            Now it won't feel exactly like the real deal. An inanimate object, no matter how good it feels inside you, is never going to replace the real thing. But these dildos come as close as possible, complete with testicles, veins and anatomically correct heads.

            And sure, realistic dildos are still a type of dildo, but there's no denying that a realistic sex toy is going to feel quite differently than one made of plastic or glass. Realistic dildos have a slightly "softer" feel to them to help mimic a real penis, though they could still have unique features. Some have a suction cup base, while others will have a vibrator in the center to increase the pleasure of its insertable length.

            What you learn from playing with a dildo just may surprise you! A realistic dildo, whether in flesh color or a bolder hue, can make your foreplay incredibly hot and help you decide what you’d actually want to do if you added an extra penis into the mix--did someone say threesome?! Plus, it’s a toy, so you can use it to perform in ways that a human penis simply can’t (it never goes soft).

             If you're unsure about whether a realistic dildo is right for you, consider the following questions:

            •     How long have you thought about getting a realistic dildo?
            •     What do you look for in a sex toy?
            •     How much do you enjoy the feel of an actual penis?
            •     Are your plastic sex toys just not getting the job done?
            •     Do you and your lover want to experiment with double penetration?

            Knowing what you want and why you want will help with choosing any sex toy in general, not just realistic dildos. Keep in mind that everyone's body is different, so you may not enjoy something as much as someone else does. This is especially important if you and your lover are choosing a sex toy together; make sure that you both are comfortable and happy with the decision. Communication is always the key to a happy and healthy sex life!

            Are there different ways to use a realistic dildo?

            Like we mentioned earlier, realistic dildos can be used much like any other other dildo. You can use one with a partner or solo, depending on your own personal preferences. If you want some naughty ideas, keep reading:

            Many realistic dildos feature a suction cup at the end, allowing you to stick it onto any dry, smooth surface. You can experiment with sticking it against the shower wall, bedroom wall, or a hardwood floor to find the perfect angle for you. This allows you to control your speed, and provide a hands-free experience that anyone is sure to enjoy.

            Realistic dildos make the perfect choice for strap ons, and can be played with regardless of sex. If you or your partner has a penis, then a hallowed dildo will work wonders for the both you: the penis goes inside the dildo, stimulating it while providing increased length for the partner's vagina or anus. And, of course, regular dildos can work both for pegging and vaginal sex.

            If you want to play with your lover, then there's more you can do than just using a strap on. A realistic dildo is the perfect way to experiment with double penetration without inviting a third person to the party. You can also let your partner play with you using the dildo (maybe with a vibrator, as well), and see just how long the two of you last before the actual sex ensues. And if your partner can't get enough of vibrating pleasures, then a realistic toy with a vibrator may just become your toy of choice.

            • Practicing for the real deal

            Whether you're going to be intimate with your partner for the first time or you just want a refresher course, practicing with a realistic dildo can help ease your nerves and prepare for the big night. You can practice giving a blowjob or performing vaginal and anal sex. Lube will help the process, and is a must for anal. But remember: if you happen to have a silicone dildo, then you should never use silicone lube with it. It’s well known that silicone reacts to silicone, and trust us, it isn't a good time.

            Where can I buy a realistic dildo?

            Is it any surprise that you can shop for realistic dildos at Spencer's? Of course not! We have dozens of real feel dildos and flesh like dildos for whatever type of sex fantasy you want to live out. You could experiment with anal sex, double penetration, practicing your oral sex skills or simply enjoying it for some solo pleasure. And you can choose from penis-like jelly, vibrating, anal, g spot and double dildos that might be even better than the real thing for the night!

            Here at Spencer’s, we carry the most realistic dildos for the most realistic pleasure! And, as always, we offer discreet shipping when you shop online--so your naughty secret remains a secret with us, no matter what kind of sex toys you like.