Anime Backpacks

            When you start your next big adventure, you’ll need something to carry all of your favorite anime equipment. At Spencer’s, we have a pretty powerful selection of anime backpacks and anime merchandise that are sure to give you some edge as you confront any of your biggest rivals! Take your power levels to new heights with a Dragon Ball Z backpack or show off your love for Sailor Moon with an Artemis backpack. Hide your identity as a half-ghoul while traveling with the Tokyo Ghoul Backpack. Trying to catch ‘em all? Store your potions and poké balls in an Eevee or Gengar Pokémon backpack or electrify all the rest with the 3D Pikachu Pokémon Backpack. Whether you're going back to school or just want to carry around your favorite anime characters with you everywhere you go, you’ll always look stylish with one of Spencer’s anime backpacks!