If you want your lover to know how special they are to you, don’t wait until the last minute to buy their Valentine’s gift. Take your time and go for something that will truly stand out and make them feel sexy, aroused and eager to get it on…like a naughty present from Spencer’s. After all, this holiday is all about romance, and what says amorous better than a sex toy that can help bring our your partner’s wild side? Forget predictable—you can always get them a bouquet of flowers next year.

            V Day is a time for couples to enhance their love and also be a little (or a lot) more daring. Maybe you’ve always thought she’d look amazing bound and handcuffed, but you haven’t known how to bring that up in a casual conversation. If you give them a seven-piece bondage kit, you’re offering them an invitation to dive headfirst into kinky sex alongside you. One way to present such a gift is to let them know that you want to take turns being the one tied up or doing the tying up. That lets your lover know you are willing to go slowly and gradually explore as you decide what turns you on the most.

            If you want a remarkable sex toy that can be used during sex with your partner or on your own, check out a powerful and popular rabbit vibrator, which makes a wonderful V Day gift that keeps on giving. This type of vibe has two motors that stimulate the clitoris and will surely have her moaning in pleasure in no time. Lucky you—who gets to watch or even help make her feel so amazing! We also have plenty of the best men’s sex toys so that he can get to his happy place as well. He’ll never turn down the chance to find a whole new path to sexual pleasure, especially when you’ve given him free reign to explore a different aspect of eroticism.

            Spencer’s carries top quality sex toys that will deliver the sensual delights your partner loves, plus the added bonus of a gifting them on a special day where anything goes when it comes to talking dirty and sharing fantasies with each other. Giving them a high end toy or perhaps some sexy lingerie can also open the door to an even more intimate V Day discussion than you’ve had before, letting you discover what turns your partner on as you bond in the most romantic of ways. These specialty items are a perfect way to say “I love you” because they show you’ve gone the extra mile to give them something exciting that can make your bedroom adventures even more arousing.