For those who believe "bigger is better" when it comes to sex toys, large dildos are a very popular way to explore your urges. Spencer’s carries a wide range of big dildos in different sizes and styles so you can get exactly the sexual satisfaction you desire. We have everything from big vibrating dildos to large double dildos and suction cup dildos. Some of our big dildos are realistic looking, with balls and veined shafts and we've even got unicorn. Keep reading to learn how to best use a big dildo for maximum pleasure.

            How do I use a large dildo?

            We're glad you asked! There's a few simple, yet important, steps to follow to make sure that your sexy time stays sexy. To properly use a large dildo, consider the following guidelines:

            •     Make sure your dildo is clean.

            It should be a common rule that anything going inside of your body should be clean, but we're telling you just in case! Keep in mind how large your dildo is, and just how far into your body it's going; keeping your large toy clean is essential to your sexual health, and for both vaginal and anal pleasure.

            •     Lube. It. Up.

            We seriously can't stress enough how important lubricant is when using a large dildo--especially if this is your first time! Remember that there's no such thing as too much lubricant, and that it will make your experience much more pleasurable. But keep in mind that if you have a silicone dildo, then you should never use silicone-based lubricant with it. If you're unsure of your toy's material, then water-based lube may be your best option.

            •     Use a smaller dildo first.

            We know that a smaller dildo may not provide the insertable pleasure you crave, but it provides a great warmup for the main event. You may not find this step necessary, but trust us: if you truly want to enjoy a big dildo, then starting off with something smaller is the best way to prepare your body. Plus, it allows you to compare the two sizes and shapes, which may have you appreciating your big dildo that much more.

            •     Position your body properly.

            You want to make sure to spread your legs as much as possible, making sure the area is stretched and ready for your large dildo. A common way to do this is to squat over your toy and slowly lower yourself down onto the dildo. Or, you could lie on your back (with a pillow underneath you if necessary), and pull your legs up and away from your chest. The most important part is to make sure you're comfortable, because if not, then you'll be way more uncomfortable when a large dildo is inside you.

            •     Take it nice and slow.

            If this is the first time you're playing with a toy this big, then you have to give your body time to adjust! The thick girth of your toy might be hard to put in at first, which is why we recommended using something smaller beforehand. But with the right amount of lube and patience, your body will become more used to the size. Once the largest part of the dildo is inside (the part with the thickest girth), then the rest should be smooth sailing from there.