If you’re looking for sexy corsets to complete your lingerie collection and turn you into a seductive siren, Spencer’s has it all. Corsets and sexy bustiers flatter every body type and give added lift to your breasts and are slimming around the waist, making them a fashion favorite for women. We carry the best in lingerie corset attire, the kind that you can rock in the bedroom or out on the town at a club along with your favorite pair of tight pants. They’re a gorgeous choice when you want to go for the glamour at a special event and ensure that all eyes will be on you. Either way, everyone’s eyes will be on you and you’ll feel utterly sensual and attractive AF.

            Sexy Bustier Lingerie

            The great thing about bustier lingerie is that due to how they’re constructed, if you have a smaller bust they will help make it look bigger and uplift your chest, and if you have a fuller figure you can give yourself extra shape with a plus size corset. Unlike in the olden days, these modern corsets are comfortable and not constricting, so you can get that added oomph where it counts while still being able to dance the night away or get it on in the bedroom. They’re a fabulous type of undergarment because they look flattering on every woman as they enhance your natural curves. If you’re looking to get the popular hourglass figure, you can opt for a waist trainer  that can help you achieve your desired body image.

            Sexy Corset Lingerie

            We’ve also got sexy corset lingerie designed with your favorite pop culture heroines in mind, the kind of women who are hot and badass at the same time. Whether you’re into cosplay or just want to show off how much of a daredevil you are in the bedroom, the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Corset features her diamond logo and bold red and blue colors.

            For a complete lingerie look, our high quality, affordable corsets come in sets featuring matching panties so you have everything you need to seduce your partner. From rhinestone lace to black satin, faux leather and beyond, our wide selection of the sexy in a range of colors gives you plenty of options when you’re looking to amp up your racy attire. If you’ve never tried a corset, you don’t know what you’re missing!

            If you have any questions about finding the right corset or bustier for you, contact us via the "Help" button above or the "Ask Jackie" button below. You can also reach the Spencer's Customer Service department by calling 1-800-762-0419.