Spencer's has a wide range of sex toys including remote control and even app powered vibrators. Keep reading to learn about why people love remote control vibrators.

              What is a remote control vibrator?

              A remote control vibrator is a wireless, sometimes wearable vibrator that's controlled by a remote. Some can be used up close or at a distance, depending on the toy. While almost any type of vibrator can be remote controlled, the most popular styles are often bullet vibrators and vibrating panties.

              What are some different ways I can use a remote vibrator?

              There are plenty of other fun scenarios for using your remote control sex toys. If you’re looking to add some variety to your sex life, a remote control vibrator could be the perfect way to amp up your pleasure. These adult sex toys come in a variety of styles, from dual action vibrators offering clitoral and internal stimulation to the We-Vibe Melt, which can be controlled via an app on your, or a partner's, phone--talk about a modern-day massager!

              Playing with a partner:

              Let your partner take over the action by using remote control vibrators and hand off the remote. By handing over control of your wireless sex toy, you open yourself to the excitement of intimacy with your lover. They’ll be the one deciding how fast it will pulse against your skin. Even if you beg them for more vibration, they just might enjoy teasing you as they push you to the edge. There's also vibrating remote control panties, allowing you to spice up any vacation or getaway. And whether or not you give the remote of your toy to your partner is completely up to you!

              Playing alone:

              Maybe you enjoy being in control of your own sex toys and orgasms, or perhaps you don't currently have a lover. Either way, playing with a remote control vibrator during masturbation is just as fun as using the vibrating toy with someone else. While your hand may be holding the remote, the vibrator toy itself still provides a hands-free experience that will have you moaning every time. And, if your toy is waterproof, then you can spend your shower unwinding in more ways than one. Remote control bullets make an excellent stimulator for the clitoris, and remote G-spot vibrators hit just the right spot, while apps from brands like Lelo and We-Vibe let you customize and save your favorite vibration patterns. This is why they're perfect for anyone looking for solo sexual pleasure.

              Are there different types of remote vibrators?

              Remote control sex toys are popular in different styles. From remote controlled to truly wireless, remote vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. 

              • Bullet Vibrators: Small and portable, these discreet toys offer intense vibrations. They're great for beginners and pros alike.
              • Vibrating Panties: They take "sexy lingerie" to a whole new level. Some come with the vibrator inside, while others have a pocket for a bullet vibrator.
              • Anal Plugs: Vibrations, anal play, and a remote control. Do we have to say anymore? 
              • G-Spot Vibrators: These curved toys massage your G-spot for the ultimate pleasure. Add a remote into the mix, and you'll have even more fun. 
              • Rabbit Vibrators: Rabbit vibrators are always a favorite toy, because they offer stimulation both internally and externally--and a remote can make this experience truly hands-free. 

              Where can I buy a remote-controlled vibrator?

              You can shop for a remote control vibrator right here at Spencer's! From bullet vibrators to waterproof sex toys and wireless vibrators, we’ve got just what you need to add a new element (and a remote control) to your intimate life. And, as always, our discreet shipping will make sure you feel confident when shopping online.