Organic Body Jewelry

            What is organic body jewelry?

            Organic body jewelry, specifically plugs and tunnels, are styles of jewelry made from organic materials like wood, stone, bone, or glass. Organic body jewelry is a great alternative for anyone who may have sensitive skin or sensitivities against metal--and on top of that, it just looks really cool.

            If you've never considered wearing organic plugs or tunnels before, then you definitely should! Unlike metal plugs, you never have to worry about what exactly they're made of or what other materials are mixed in with them. These natural plugs aren't threaded, either, but instead are double-flared or come with O-rings for closure--that way, you never have to worry about screwing your jewelry "tight enough." You can simply slide in the stone or wooden gauges and you're good to go! 

            How do I wear and care for stone plugs? 

            This style of plugs can be made out of different natural stones, like anything from obsidian to rose quartz. Stone plugs are a popular choice in the world of organic body jewelry, because they're non-porous and therefore really easy to clean. Much like other styles of body jewelry, all you need is some warm water and antibacterial soap. 

            If you're interested in buying a pair of stone plugs, you should consider the following suggestions: 

            • Stone plugs should really only be worn in healed ears.
            • You should take out and clean your plug at least once a day.
            • Make sure to dry your plugs after cleaning them, before putting them back into your ears.
            • Don't drop your stone plugs, because they can definitely still break.
            • If you drop a stone plug and it cracks, do not put it back into your ear.
            • Stone plugs vary, because they're not always cut for every ear gauge size.

            Stone plugs offer a natural, yet eye-catching, look that can go with almost any style. Smooth a sleek, they offer a chic look that anyone can appreciate, and you'll never have to worry about them turning your skin green.

            How do I wear and care for wood plugs?

            Plugs and tunnels made out of wood can be a little bit trickier to care for--they're made out of natural wood, after all. To get the most of out of your plugs, check out some of our go-to pointers:  

            • You shouldn't expose your wooden jewelry to too much moisture; don't wear it in the shower, bath, pool, or sauna.
            • When cleaning your wood body jewelry, use jojoba oil or coconut oil and rub it into the wood.
            • Wood is porous, and shouldn't be worn in newly stretched ears.
            • Heat can dry out wood plugs and even cause them to crack; avoid putting the plugs on hot surfaces.
            • While they won't turn green like some metals, wooden plugs are still prone to discoloration over time or if they're not taken care of properly.

            Sure, they make take some extra TLC, but wooden plugs are absolutely worth it. They offer an all-natural look that's good for your skin, and makes you look just as good as you feel.

            Where can I buy organic plugs?

            Right here at Spencer's, of course! Our wood plugs and stone plugs will keep you gauges clean and looking good all day long. As part of our wide selection of affordable body jewelry, we offer many options for organics. Whether your ears are sensitive to metals or you just want an all-natural look, our organic plugs are sure to keep you smiling no matter where you go.

            So what are you waiting for?! Whether you want to treat yourself or surprise the body jewelry fanatic in your life, Spencer's has unique and eye-catching styles for any look or occasion. Your next awesome pair of plugs is just a few clicks away when you shop organic body jewelry at Spencer Gifts!