What are glass dildos?

              Glass dildos are dildos made of glass that offer users a unique sensation. They are extremely strong, hard and can be used for sensation play. You can chill them by putting them in a bowl filled with ice or cold water to make them colder or make them warmer by submerging them in warm water (not boiling) for several minutes, depending on your preference. These changes in heat or coolness mean you can engage in temperature play, offering a whole new way to enjoy these exciting sex toys. It’s best to test a glass dildo on a part of your body like your arm before placing it against your genitals to ensure the temperature is to your liking. Never use your glass dildo or other sex toy in the microwave. Because they’re made of glass, they are strong enough to withstand changes in temperature, but you should still be careful when handling them to not throw or drop them.

              Glass dildos often have beautiful designs and offer a firmer surface than some other types. Some may be totally smooth and some may have ridges for extra sensation and pleasure. There are even glass butt plugs that also offer the opportunity for temperature play.