At Spencer’s, your sexual health and wellness is a top priority. In addition to our wide array of intimate products, we offer sex toy cleaner, condoms for sex toys, oral sex wipes and other items so you can enjoy your sex life to the max. “Safe sex” encompasses a host of ways you can take care of your sexual health and make sure you’re protecting yourself and your partners.

              We have all the products you need to make sure your sex toys stay in tip top shape so you can continue to use them for as long as possible.

              Our antibacterial sex toy cleaner is a must for those adult toys that can’t be washed with soap and water. We suggest you consult the product page and any instructions provided with the toy to find out the best cleaning care routine for your particular toys. Another excellent way to protect your favorite items is to cover sex toys like dildos and vibrators with compatible condoms when sharing them with a partner or simply to protect their surface.

              For your sexual wellness, it’s important to make cleaning sex toys a regular part of your erotic routine. You should also make sure you store them according to the instructions so they retain their potency and provide you with the maximum amount of pleasure.

              Guys, if you want to preserve your strokers, then make sure you use Fleshlight renewing powder to keep your favorite sex toy in excellent condition. That way, it’ll continue to be your trusty tool to for explosive solo sex sessions.

              Spencer's has assorted condoms for use on yourself and sex toys like dildos that make safety and cleanup as easy as possible. You can select from Trojan's Ultra Thin, Ribbed or Condoms, LELO's Hex condoms or try a flavored condom sampler pack for some of the hottest oral sex around. If you wind up hopping into bed before you’ve had a chance to shower, refreshing intimate wipes can help men and women get rid of any unwanted odors so you’re smelling clean and raring to go! You’ll feel better about yourself when you stay fresh, and can carry them with you so that if the chance to get busy arises unexpectedly, you’ll be prepared.

              To protect your body and your partner’s, you’ll want to make cleaning sex toys a priority after you use them, along with storing them safely according to their instructions. Using these items as a precaution with sex toys or any sexual interaction with a partner will give you peace of mind that your body and your vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, sleeves, and the like are ready for use at a moment’s notice. You should make sure to wash and put away your sex toys after every usage, and remove batteries and unplug them when they’re not in use to extend their life. Following these simple steps means you can spend more time giving and getting pleasure!