Whatever your fashion sense, one thing you should know is that dad hats are in. The best part? You don't have to have kids to rock one of these hats!

              What Is a Dad Hat?

              A dad hat is a modern-day fashion hat, typically made of cotton or canvas, that kind of reminds you of a cap that your father would've worn back in the day (not to be confused with a traditional baseball cap). Except, what's trendy now is the modern version of this cap that's a little more fashion-forward, usually with fun sayings or graphics slapped right on the front. They’re low-key and fun, whether you're sporting a favorite food, beverage, band, or announcing your relationship status (like “single AF”).

              Why Are Dad Hats Popular?

              Dad hats have become so popular because they show off a "don't care" style. You're really playing it cool when you show up wearing a white-washed hat that has "SAVAGE" embroidered on the front. Dad hats also throw off a bit of a retro vibe which is really trendy right now, especially if you choose a cap that's denim and features your favorite classic Nickelodeon cartoon! These stylish hats are much more simplistic than even a black snapback, so they can top off literally any ensemble.

              How Do I Wear a Dad Hat?

              Wearing a dad cap is simple. That's the whole point! Didn't wash your hair today? Put on a black cap. Actually did your hair but are craving a stylish accessory that expresses your mood? Put on a white cap with a snarky saying! They come in almost every color, like black, white, pink, purple, maroon and even blue denim, so you'll always have a cap to go with any outfit! A black, acid-washed cap with "Bite Me" embroidered across the front would make even your average outfit look dope.

              A dad hat isn’t fussy. It’s simple, because that’s how dads tend to like them. These simple and funny hats are the perfect attire to complement any look or color, from a sports jacket to a sundress to camo or simply black. Both men and women love these hats, and Spencer’s carries them in a wide variety of colors and designs, so you can wear one indoors or outdoors that looks fabulous with your outfit. Generally, one solid color with a phrase, image, or logo on the front can showcase your personality or simply add a quirky twist while keeping your hair out of your face. Whether you want a blue "Yes Daddy" hat or you’re literally looking for a black hat that has "Dad" or even "Mom" embroidered, this fun headgear is just what you need to jazz up your accessories wardrobe in any season.