Fortnite Stuff

              Where can I find Fortnite Merchandise?

              It’s no secret that Spencer’s carries the coolest girls’ and guys’ merchandise around. Well, now you can find the coolest Fortnite merchandise right here at Spencer’s! From Fortnite costume tees to matching accessories, our selection of Fortnite merchandise will have any gamer excited to show off one of their favorite games. You could enjoy your favorite drink in a fun Fortnite mug, or throw a themed party complete with Fortnite plates and napkins. You could even surprise your gaming friend with an awesome gift they would never expect: A Loot Llama fleece blanket! With so much to choose from, every Fortnite fan will be excited to find something that’s perfect for them. So whether you want to rock the style of one of your favorite skins, or you just want to show off your Fortnite pride wherever you go, you know Spencer’s has you covered for the best Fortnite gear around. So get out of your comfy gamer chair and head over to Spencer’s—it’ll be worth it, we promise!

              What is Fortnite?

              Fortnite is the action building game from Epic Games that lets you drop into a massive 100-player PVP Battle Royale or team up with friends in a co-op campaign to Save The World against a horde of monsters. Craft and loot in giant worlds where no two games are ever the same. Fortnite Battle Royale is free and available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and soon, Android.

              Which Fortnite style is right for me?

              Whether you’re just hanging with friends or getting ready to go to the next big gaming convention, you’ll be able to find a Fortnite skin that perfectly fits your style.

              Here’s everything you need to know about our first-ever Fortnite collection!

              • Basic Pickaxe Harvesting Tool: We all gotta start somewhere… This basic pickaxe is the first harvesting tool you receive in Fortnite Battle Royale.

              Rare Skins and Accessories - These items can be identified in-game by their blue color and are the third least common

              • Brite Bomber Costume (available in adult and kids sizes): Rock this vibrant Brite Bomber skin from the Sunshine and Rainbows set this Halloween and your future will be so bright, they’ll need sunglasses! Don’t forget to complete your look with our Brite Bomber wig and signature backpack.
              • Boogie Bomb: When in doubt, dance it out! Give your friends no choice but to dance when they catch the fever of the light-up musical Boogie Bomb.


              Epic Skins and Accessories These items can be identified by their purple color and have an increase in price and quality in the game

              • Skull Trooper Costume (available in adult and kids sizes): One of the most coveted skins in the game, the Skull Trooper was only available for a limited time during October 2017 and hasn’t made a return since. Now you can suit up as the Skull Trooper in real life and live out your dream of having this epic skin just in time for Halloween. Looking for accessories? We’ve got you covered with our Skull Trooper Kit and Hooded Skull Trooper Mask, both sold separately.
              • Party Animal Harvesting Tool: Warning: The Party Animal Pickaxe is only for the wild and reckless. You’ll really have the party going when you show up with this pickaxe!
              • Rainbow Smash Harvesting Tool: Part of the Sunshine and Rainbows set, you’re bound to beat the stuffing out of ‘em this Halloween when you equip the Rainbow Smash pickaxe.


              Legendary Skins and Accessories These items are the most lucrative in the game, cost the most v-bucks, and are the highest in quality. They are represented as orange and are the most limited items

              • Crackshot Costume (available in adult and kids sizes): The Crackshot skin was only available for a limited time during the winter holiday season, but we’re making it available this Halloween and every day thereafter! Get out there and crack some nuts!
              • Cuddle Team Leader Costume (available in adult and kids sizes): Hug it out in this adorable Cuddle Team Leader skin. Part of the Royale Hearts set, this skin is available periodically in the in-game Item Shop and made its debut in February 2018. Available as a jumpsuit costume and as a costume t-shirt, this style can be paired with the legendary Cuddle Bow backpack for a total transformation.
              • Black Knight Costume (available in adult and kids sizes): The odious scourge of Wailing Woods, this skin was available for Battle Pass Season 2 and became an early Fortnite favorite. This skin is part of the Fort Knights set.
              • Dark Voyager Costume (available in adult and kids sizes): From the vast darkness of deep space, the Dark Voyager was available for Battle Pass Season 3 and is one of the most iconic of the season. This skin is part of the Space Explorers set and is available as a traditional costume or as a jumpsuit version.
              • Rex Costume (available in adult and kids sizes): From the Dino Guard set, this deadly dino is looking to hunt the competition to extinction. Released in March of 2018, this skin quickly became one of the most recognizable in the game and is available as a jumpsuit costume. Finish off the look with the legendary Scaly backpack, which can be purchased separately.
              • Tricera Ops Costume (available in adult and kids sizes): The second skin introduced to the Dino Guard set, this legendary skin is ready to sink its teeth into victory. It can be purchased periodically in the Item Shop for 2,000 V-buck and is available as a jumpsuit costume here.


              Does Spencer’s carry Fortnite party supplies and décor?

              Yes, you can find all of your Fortnite party and décor must-haves right here! On top of all the awesome new Fortnite costumes and accessories we offer, no celebration would be complete without the proper party supplies and décor.

              So gather some friends, grab some Durrr Burgers and a couple of chug jugs and prepare for a Fortnite party like you’ve never seen! Here are some of our most noteworthy party supplies and décor styles:

              • Battle Bus Inflatable: Every victory royale starts on the Battle Bus. Where you land is one of the most if not the most important factors in winning your game and now you can bring the Battle Bus to life with this inflatable Battle Bus decoration! Our massive inflatable is 17.5-feet high and 18-feet long, making it a must-have for any die-hard Fortnite fan! Trust us, this Battle Bus inflatable will blow you away with its size.
              • Loot Llama Piñata: The Loot Llama (AKA the Supply Llama) has become somewhat of a mascot for Fortnite. This lucky llama always comes bearing gifts and now you can experience the joy of discovering one for yourself!
              • Party Collection: Our Fortnite party collection includes cups, plates, and napkins with many different Fortnite-inspired designs. Featuring vibrant Battle Bus, Loot Llama, and GG smiley face prints, you can purchase these essentials as a party pack or individually.
              • Fortnite Mugs: Before a long day of running from the storm, it’s best to start your day off with a drink from one of our Fortnite mugs. Our mug collection features mugs inspired by the Brite Bomber, the Brite Gunner, and Fortnite logo.
              • Loot Llama Fleece Blanket: Bundle up by the cozy campfire when you wrap yourself up in this officially licensed Loot Llama Fortnite blanket. This fleece blanket is designed with a colorful quadrant print that showcases a loot llama in each square and a plush Sherpa underside. The Fortnite logo can also be spotted along the bottom of the blanket for a signature touch. Four loot llamas all in the same place? Now that is a rare sight to see!


              Let’s sum this up for you: You’ll find everything you need to show off your love of Fortnite right here at Spencer’s, and by the way, you won’t have to harvest materials or spend your V-Bucks to get any of these awesome styles. We’ll see you on the battlefield!