Get sexy and clean at the same time with bath and shower sex toys, intimate care products, and lubes from Spencer's. Maybe you need to escape a crowded house and the bathroom is the only place you can go for a little privacy. If that’s the case, grab a waterproof vibrator and let the shower’s spray drown out your moans of pleasure. This small but powerful sex toy is strong enough to deliver the vibrations you most desire.

              Bring along one of our silicone personal lubricants that will stay slippery when wet so your shower sex can last as long as you desire. When you use waterproof sex toys, you can use them in or out of the water so you have the luxury of picking your where you most want to have sex.

              Whether you’re looking to sink down in the tub with your lover, perhaps using some erotic bath bombs to add a delightful fragrance like cherry blossom or sensual lavender or enjoy a hand job in the hot tub, you’re sure to steam things up. If you dream of being slammed up against the shower wall to start your morning off right, Spencers bathtub sex toys are made to hold up against the splash and spray of water and maximize your erotic pleasure.

              If you have any questions about our bath and shower sex toys or intimate care products, or any other products, contact us by clicking the chat button in the lower right or the "Ask Jackie" button below. You can also call the Spencer's Customer Service department by calling 1-800-762-0419.