Spencer's carries all the best sex toys, including tongue vibrators and finger vibrators, for a variety of sensations to help you reach your peak.

            What Is a Finger Vibrator?

            A finger vibrator is a small toy, basically a bullet vibrator shaped like a finger, that fits on your hand to provide pleasurable vibrations to the body. The purpose of these toys is often to give clitoral or other external stimulation. These vibes are small but extremely strong, making it so you can give your lover (or yourself) the very best hand job ever.

            What Makes Finger Vibrators So Unique?

            Even the most talented and aroused person can get tired. But with a finger vibe, it does all the work while you reap the rewards.

            Crooking your finger in the “come here” motion takes on a whole new meaning with a finger vibrator! These portable, easy to use and affordable sex toys give you the magic touch and are able to arouse your partner simply by sliding your finger exactly where they’re most sensitive. Fingertip vibrators have concentrated power so you can focus your intimate touch on the exact erogenous zones that make your partner moan the loudest--and they're perfect for teasing the clit during foreplay before sex. If they ask for it “harder,” all you have to do is press a button on your new sex toy and watch as they react to your touch.

            Using a Finger or Tongue Sex Toy With a Partner

            Finger sex toys are great when you want to feel close to your partner, giving them those sexy strokes that will make them feel oh so good. It can be extremely hot to watch a lover moan and bite their lip, knowing they’re reacting to your touch. You can alternate by stroking them lightly with your bare hand, then using your finger vibe on the other hand to amplify the delicious sensations.

            Another way to add some variety to your sex toy play is with a tongue vibrator. It’s a sex toy designed for those who love receiving oral sex, but unlike your lover, this tongue never gets tired! Let it lick you into ecstasy every single time while you set the pace with the click of a button depending on your mood. If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your fun in the bedroom, a fingertip vibrating massager or tongue vibe can go a long way to making your lover rush to get naked and get down any chance they get! All it takes is a simple touch or lick to have your lover melting in your hands--or mouth!

            Using a Fingertip Vibrator on Yourself

            The best part about these fun vibrators is that you don't need a second player in the game to have fun. Using one of these toys during masturbation will stimulate your clitoris or other parts of the body for a mind-blowing massage. You can pleasure yourself without your hand cramping or getting tired, and the resulting orgasm will probably be moan-worthy. Sure, it might not be "hands free" exactly, but the clitoral stimulation from one of these vibrators is sure to be worth it.

            Where Can I Buy a Finger or Tongue Vibrator?

            Right here at Spencer's! With so many clitoral vibrators to choose from, your fingertips (or tongue) will be vibrating in no time. Whether you want to pleasure yourself or your partner, these vibrating toys make the perfect personal massager. Experts and beginners alike can use a vibrator, so it doesn't matter if this is your first toy or if you're just adding to your collection of sex toys. Regardless of what you're looking for, you're sure to find the perfect vibrator for your finger or tongue when you shop right here at Spencer's. And our discreet shipping will make sure that you're the only one who knows that a vibrator (or any other sex toy) is on its way.