When it comes to your nose ring, you want to make sure your jewelry looks great and also stays in place comfortably. After trying your first nose L-bend, you’ll never go back to ordinary studs again. A nose L-bend looks just like a stud, but it has an angle on the inside that rests against the inside of the nose and prevents it from re-adjusting on its own and falling out.

            What Makes an L-Bend Nose Ring Different from Others?

            An L-bend nose ring is different from regular studs because of the L-shape on the inside. This shape makes it easy for almost anyone to get their jewelry in and out of their piercing. And unless someone is staring straight into your nostril, the bend is hard to see inside of the nose, so no one knows how secure your nose ring is except for you!

            How Secure is an L-Bend Nose Ring?

            Compared to other nose jewelry, like studs, L-bends are typically a little more secure because of their shape and the way they rest inside of the nose. However, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s nose is different! The way that body jewelry fits depends on your nose shape and what you feel most comfortable wearing.

            What Styles Do L-Bend Nose Rings Come In?

            Nose rings come in all different styles and colors. Colors like silver, gold, and black are pretty common. If you want to take your style up a notch, try wearing an L-bend nose ring that has a little gem or rhinestone on the end. It’d be subtle yet stylish! You can also try different shapes on the end of your nose ring instead of just a stud, like a star, heart, or even a diamond.
            If you’re looking to change up your nose ring, take a look through Spencer’s selection of L-bend nose rings, part of our vast array of affordable body jewelry. There are plenty of different colors and styles for anyone to choose from!