What are nipple barbell rings?

            A nipple barbell is a style of nipple ring that features just a barbell and the threaded ends. This style is popular among people with pierced nipples because they’re often simple and easy to wear. Unlike nipple shields or nipple chains, nipple barbells have nothing extra attached to them, so they can usually hide under your clothes better than other styles.

            If you want to amplify your nipple presence and make a statement, then you better make sure you get the best looking piece of jewelry! You could make your nipples bling with jewelry effect rings that will shine and bedazzle both sides of your chest, or tone it down a notch with a pair of captive rings. Whether you want to make a statement or you’re looking for something small yet cute, there are tons of different nipple barbell styles out there to make sure that you get the look you want from your piercings.

            What style of nipple barbell is right for me?

            There's a few things you should consider when deciding on how you want to decorate your nipple piercings: Are you planning on showing them off? Are you trying to keep them under wraps for a little while?
            • CZ: CZ nipple rings will have you shining bright all day long! This gorgeous style features threaded balls (or different shapes) covered in CZ to really help get your boobie bling on!
            • Hearts: Take “sweetheart" to a whole new level with a pair of heart nipple barbells! This lovely style can feature red or pink CZ, and can make your Valentine’s Day evening all the more special.
            • Pineapples: Show off your piercing with a little something fun and sweet! Whether you’re going on vacation or dreaming of more tropical destinations, pineapple barbells can make your day just a little bit sunnier.
            • Arrows: This fun style is sure to point you in the right direction! Show off your fun, adventurous side with nipple barbells shaped like arrows, and you’re sure to start your day off with a smile—even if you’re the only one who sees them.
            • Stars: Shoot for the stars in this sweet and cute barbell style! Whether you’re a fan of the night sky or just love cute patterns, a pair of star nipple barbells is great for anyone who’s born to be a star. • Seashells: You may not be a mermaid, but that shouldn't stop you from accessorizing like one! This gorgeous style will perfectly accent your nubs and make you feel like you're that much closer to the sea.

            If you want to get more bang for your buck, then you can also consider getting a multi-pack with horseshoes and/or captive rings. The best part about captives and horseshoes is that they can be used in different body piercings--just make sure to clean them well if you're going to switch them from one piercing to another!

            How do I clean my nipple barbells?

            While nipple piercings are popular and fun in terms of style, they can actually be more prone to infection than other body piercings. Because of this, it’s important to clean your piercing with a saline solution at least 3 times a day. Keep in mind that using soap can dry your skin out, which could also lead to infection; soapy water running over your skin in the shower is fine, but you should never apply soap directly to your piercing.

            Where can I buy nipple barbell rings?

            Right here at Spencer’s, of course! We carry an exquisite selection of nipple barbells and barbell nipple rings that will make your nipples the center of attention if you decide to show them! They’re part of our wide array of nipple rings, which also includes nipple captives and horseshoes, nipple shields and stirrups, and nipple ring multi-packs. This allows you to get exactly the type of jewelry for your nipples that you want.

            If you have questions, visit our blog to find out everything you need to know about nipple piercings.

            So whether you’re trying to stun yourself or everyone else, Spencer’s is here with a wide array of affordable body jewelry to help you make a statement!