Looking to get a body piercing that’s sexy and fierce? Can’t seem to find that perfect piercing that’s both edgy and easy to hide when necessary? It sounds like you’re ready for the rundown on nipple piercings! There are SO many benefits to nipple piercings. Making your nipples more sensitive and easier to stimulate, nipple piercings look hot and feel even better. This nipple piercing guide will teach you all about the different types of nipple piercings, types of jewelry, nipple piercing healing times, and everything else you need to know about this intimate piercing!

If you’re thinking about getting this sexy body piercing, it’s important to remember that healing times can vary based on a person’s genetic makeup and that some body piercings take longer to heal than others.  Nipple piercings can take anywhere from 4 to 10 months to heal completely. To avoid health risks, cleaning your piercing regularly is a MUST during the healing process. It’s also important to keep the original nipple barbells in during the healing period. Now, let’s get this party started!

Types of Nipple Piercings

Horizontal Nipple Piercing

What is a Horizontal Nipple Piercing?

Horizontal Nipple Piercing Location:

The most common type of nipple piercing is the horizontal nipple piercing, which pierces through the sides of the nipple. The horizontal nipple piercing is done at the base of the nipple above the areola. It’s important that the piercing goes through the base of the nipple and not the tip. Piercings that are too close to the tip of the nipple can make the piercing more likely to close up or catch on something. Piercings that are too close to the areola can result in scarring and irritation.

Horizontal Nipple Piercing Process:

This piercing is typically performed with a hollow 14 or 16-gauge piercing needle.

Healing Time:

About 4-10 months.

Recommended Jewelry:

Straight barbellshorseshoes, captives ringsdangle nipple ringsnipple shields.

Vertical Nipple Piercing

What is a Vertical Nipple Piercing?

Vertical Nipple Piercing Location:

The vertical nipple piercing pierces through the top and bottom of the base of the nipple. Just like the horizontal nipple piercing, it’s important that the vertical nipple piercing goes through the base of the nipple and not the tip.

Vertical Nipple Piercing Process:

This piercing is typically performed with a hollow 14 or 16-gauge piercing needle.

Healing Time:

About 4-10 months.

Recommended Jewelry:

Straight barbellshorseshoescaptives ringsdangle nipple ringsnipple shields.

Now that you’ve learned about the different types of nipple piercings and the recommended types of jewelry, here are a few helpful piercing FAQs:

Nipple Piercing Pain, Healing Times, Piercing Aftercare Tips, and More

How long does a nipple piercing take to heal?

All body piercing healing times vary, but usually nipple piercings heal in about 4-10 months. We recommend talking to a piercing professional about the healing period, nipple piercing bumps or swelling, and nipple piercing aftercare before getting your nipples pierced.

How much do nipple piercings hurt?

Nipple piercing pain depends on your pain tolerance. We recommend talking to professional piercers about pain management before getting your nipple pierced. If your nipple piercings hurt after the first month of the piercing healing process, check with your doctor and make sure you aren’t allergic to the jewelry materials and that you don’t have an infection.

How much does a nipple piercing cost?

Nipple piercing cost depends on where you live and which piercing studio you choose.

How do I care for my nipple piercing?

Taking proper care of your nipple piercing is extremely important. Clean the piercing site with H2Ocean Aftercare Spray or saline solution. We recommend speaking with your piercing professional for guidelines on nipple piercing aftercare, but you can learn more about piercing and jewelry aftercare tips, types of piercings, types of jewelry, and general piercing info on our blog.

How do you give yourself a nipple piercing?

You don’t! Nipple piercings or any kind of body piercing must be done professionally to prevent any possible infections or other complications during the healing process.

Why shouldn’t I get a nipple piercing?

If you’re questioning whether or not you should get a nipple piercing, we recommend talking to a professional and considering everything before getting your nipples pierced. Not every piercing is for everyone, and that’s okay! Take your time deciding if you want a nipple piercing, and speak with a professional to make sure you’re making the best decision you can for your body. If you decide that you want one of these intimate piercings, Spencer’s has tons of cute nipple piercings to choose from.

Nipple Piercing Jewelry

How much does nipple jewelry cost?

There are different types of nipple jewelry, such as nipple shields or captive bead rings, which may have a higher price than standard straight barbells. Different types of jewelry materials can drive up the price as well. We recommend calling a professional body piercer for a nipple piercing price and all other body jewelry prices.

How long should I wait to change my nipple piercing jewelry?

You need to wait until the body piercing is completely healed before changing nipple jewelry. The piercing healing process can take up to a year, and it’s important that you use the same piece of jewelry during that time. Keep up with the piercing aftercare recommended by your professional piercer.

What types of jewelry are there to choose from?

Most nipple piercings are originally done with a standard nipple barbell. Other types of nipple jewelry include horseshoes, captive rings, curved barbells, spiral barbells, dangle nipple rings, and nipple shields. Once the piercing healing process is completed, you can change the jewelry.

Can I get an allergic reaction?

Allergic reactions to nipple piercing jewelry are a possibility and could result in a rash, redness, or bumps. Contact a piercing professional and make sure that getting a nipple piercing is the right move for you. Be sure to discuss jewelry material options before getting pierced nipples. Check with a doctor beforehand if you have any allergies. If your nipple piercings hurt after the first two weeks of the healing process, contact your doctor and make sure you aren’t allergic to the jewelry material.

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Now that we’ve gone over all of the most important nipple piercing information, let’s go shopping! Spencer’s is the headquarters for all of your body jewelry needs. If you liked this nipple piercing guide, make sure to check out all of our body piercing guides.

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