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Get excited, y’all! We’ve teamed up with influencer and TikTok star Kayla Malecc to bring you an all-new, exclusive body jewelry collection. Featuring essential pieces with bright accents, this collab is packed with personality. Kayla is a free-spirited Gen Z icon who inspires others to feel confident in their looks no matter what. “Body jewelry makes somebody unique in their own way. It’s a special way to personalize yourself,” Kayla tells us.

Kayla’s collaboration with Spencer’s was inspired by SO many different factors. “Nobody had the three piercing styles I wanted,” she explains. “I was looking for a monochrome piercing kit, and they’re not really accessible.” Kayla’s signature triple-nose piercings have garnered significant online attention and are a crucial part of her unique look. “I’ve shopped at Spencer’s ever since I got my first piercing. It’s literally my go-to store in the mall,” she shares.

Kayla expresses her aspiration for this collection is to provide her fans and followers with “good quality jewelry that allows them to express themselves and their individuality through piercings, but also to see that anything is possible!”

“[This collaboration] means a lot to me,” Kayla says. I put a lot of love, thought, and development into it with Spencer’s team!”

So, what can you expect when you follow Kayla on social media? “Chaos and entertainment!”  she shares. With explosive beauty collaborations and wild TikTok storytimes, there’s never a dull moment.

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Kayla Malecc Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Recreate Kayla Malecc’s iconic style with these vibrant tongue rings, offered in seven dazzling colors!

Kayla Malecc Horseshoe Nose Ring Kits

These exclusive titanium horseshoe rings include seven distinct color options and come with additional ball ends for added customization!

Kayla Malecc Horseshoe and Screw Nose Ring Kits

Achieve Kayla’s signature three-nose ring look with these titanium nose ring kits. Available in seven distinct style options, each one approved by Kayla herself!

Feel confidently YOU in our new and exclusive body jewelry collab with Kayla Malecc. Want to see what Kayla’s pairing her new jewelry with this spring? Check out Style Pairings with Kayla Malecc. Shop the full collection now!