If you’re someone who loves having options when it comes to body jewelry, then you’ll love these horseshoe and captive ring multi packs. With plenty of choices, multi packs of horseshoes and captive rings will never let your belly, nose, lip, or ear piercing go dull. You can swap out jewelry as often as you’d like so your style will always be on point!
            Maybe you’ll feel like wearing a captive bead ring one day, then a horseshoe the next. Aside from just choosing from those two options, you also have the choice of wearing beads or maybe even arrows on the ends of your horseshoes. The options are virtually endless. You can wear silver one day, gold the next, and maybe even trendy rose gold after that. Coordinate with your outfit or simply put on any style you’re feeling the in the heat of the moment.

            Do Horseshoe and Captive Multi Packs Come in Different Gauge Sizes?

            Horseshoes and captive bead rings do come in various gauge sizes, but they do not come in different gauge sizes within the same multi pack.

            What Colors Do Horseshoe and Captive Ring Multi Packs Come In?

            Horseshoe rings and captive bead rings come in a wide range of colors, especially in variety packs! You can get a pair of gold and a pair of silver captive rings in the same pack. You can even get a plain pair of captives and ones accented with hearts instead of standard beads. Want a pair that has a little extra sparkle? A lot of our multi packs include a pair of beads with rhinestones.
            Spencer’s selection of horseshoe and captive ring multi packs include a lot of options that give everyone plenty of choices when it comes to quickly and easily changing up their entire look. Make sure you always stay stocked up on the trendiest body jewelry in a variety of colors and sizes so that all of your body piercings will always look amazing.