What are corkscrew nose rings?

            Corkscrew nose rings are a style of nose ring that's curved at the end--this is why they're also known as a curved nose ring or a nose screw. Because of this, the nose ring is designed to be twisted into the piercing, rather than just pushed in like normal nose studs.

            Corkscrew nose rings are unique, because you quite literally have to screw them into place. Though this allows the ring to feel more secure, and it's less likely to fall out, which makes it a popular choice in the world of nose jewelry. From stars and flowers to simple studs, nose screws are available in plenty of gorgeous styles.

            How do I put in a nose screw? 

            Putting on a corkscrew nose ring can be tricky, especially if it's your first time or if you're putting it in a newly healed piercing. To make the nose ring changing process easier and less painful, check out some of our suggestions below:

            • Make sure your hands are CLEAN! Never touch a piercing with dirty hands.
            • If your nose still has some swelling, don't try to put it in; apply ice and wait for the swelling to go down.
            • Disinfect the nose screw with a saline solution.
            • You should also clean your piercing area before taking out your current nose ring; do this by dipping a cotton ball in a saline solution and placing it on your piercing.
            • Gently take out your current nose ring.
            • When you're ready, line up the corkscrew nose ring with your piercing.
            • Put a finger inside of your nostril so you can feel the back of the hole.
            • Push the corkscrew nose ring into the piercing, twisting clockwise.
            • Once you feel the ring go through your piercing, you can take your finger out of your nose.
            • Continue twisting your nose screw until it's fully inside your nose.

            So, there you have it! Just a few simple tips and tricks can help you become a nose screw pro in no time. But keep in mind that no two noses are the same! Sure, a little pain and a pinch here or there is normal, especially if your nose piercing has just recently healed. But if you're having difficulty putting in the nose ring and start to feel severe pain (especially if your nose starts to swell), then you should take a break from trying the nose screw. Put in a simple nose stud and apply some ice, and remember to never push your body too hard!

            Where can I buy corkscrew nose rings?

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