What should you look for when you’re buying your first vibrator? Spencer’s can help you with this exciting intimate purchase, part of our wide range of vibrators. We know the process of selecting a beginner sex toy can be intimidating. With so many sex toys to choose from, it’s hard to know what you’ll like. Our staff sex experts have chosen vibrators for beginners to maximize your pleasure.

              How to Choose Your First Vibrator

              Think about what kind of sexual stimulation you enjoy. This could be from masturbation or a partner's touch. What kinds of touch make you orgasm? Do you enjoy clitoral stimulation? Or do you prefer penetration? Perhaps you like a combination of the two.

              Your answer will help guide your toy selection. If the clitoris is the queen of your body, a clitoral vibrator or massager is up your alley. These toys focus the stimulation directly on your pleasure center. They're generally not meant to be inserted. They're excellent for masturbation or for use during intercourse. Our wand massagers are also good sex toy options. Instead of the direct focus like the tip of a pointed vibrator, they offer a broader vibration. These vibes are meant for external stimulation only, so don't try to insert them.

              If you're all about penetration, a five or six-inch insertable vibrator may be just the ticket. You'll notice that we offer different styles. Some are sleek and smooth classic vibrators; some are realistic vibrators with veins and designs meant to simulate the penis.

              For combined clit and internal stimulation, a rabbit vibrator is the way to go. Why's it called a rabbit? The answer is simple. These sexy devices are in the shape of the popular animal. The "ears" are what stimulates your clitoris, while the shaft goes inside. Most also have pearls that rotate at the highly sensitive opening of your vagina. Even better? You can select among several vibration patterns. You get to control each part of the toy. So if you want the shaft to go slow but the ears to go fast, have at it. This classic vibrator wad made popular on Sex and the City and is an ongoing bestseller.

              All the toys you'll find in this section were selected with you in mind. These battery-powered erotic toys are easy to use. You won't spend a long time figuring them out. Instead you'll have more time to enjoy yourself.

              If you're in a relationship, you may want to browse for toys with your partner. Yes, this is a very personal decision, but they know you best. Even if you'll be using the vibrator by yourself, your lover might enjoy helping you with this decision. Using a vibrator can greatly improve your sex life. You'll get to know your body even better. This means you can share what turns you on with your partner. You may even want to bring a couples vibrator into the bedroom down the road.

              Many vibrators for girls have different speeds or types of pulsation so you can experiment and see what feels good. Start at the lowest setting and then, if you desire, crank it up.

              What's the Deal with G-spot Vibrators?

              The G-spot is located inside your vagina. It's a spongy area located about two inches inward on the upper wall. Some women can locate theirs easily. Others need more coaxing. Specially designed G-spot vibrators are curved to easily reach this area. Many women find this type of vibration incredibly powerful. That being said, this type of stimulation may feel like too much for some women. Others are more into deep penetration. These curved vibes may be ones to experiment with and get to know your G-spot.

              Best Beginner Vibrators

              At Spencer's, we’ve got plenty of choices for selecting your first vibe (or buying one for a lover or friend). They're affordable so you can stay within your budget and experiment.

              Bullet vibrators are wonderful for your first sexual experience with a toy. They can be used on your clitoris or along the labia. They are small yet powerful. Multi speed vibrators are great options because you can customize the sensations. Most of the items you'll find in this section offer various speeds.

              Rabbit vibrators are also wonderful options. You can insert the shaft for the feeling of penetration. Then you can have it rotate, or leave it unmoving. At the same time, the ears can provide clitoral stimulation. You get to experiment with both types of sensations.

              A finger vibrator is easy to wear. This can be used for clitoral pressure or along sensitive spots like the nipples. It can be used by you or your lover and lets you pinpoint the exciting sensations.

              Whatever beginner vibrator option you select, give yourself a few hours and plenty of private space to use it, because while you may get off in five minutes, you very likely will want plenty of time to get to know your new sex toy without any pressure to rush through the process. Whether alone or testing out your new sex toy with a lover, take your time, lie back, relax and let your first vibe transport you to new heights of pleasure.

              Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to how they get off. There's no single perfect vibrator that every user will love. So while your BFF might like a small vibrator, you might want something bigger. You might want a rabbit vibe, which stimulates both the clitoris and your internal walls. Love getting wet in both senses of the word? consider trying a waterproof vibrator for some slippery action.

              More Elements of Making Your First-Time Vibrator Purchase

              Other factors to consider are how loud you want your vibrator to be. If you have roommates or thin walls, you'll want a quieter discreet vibrator. Check out our ratings regarding noise and power to help you decide. If you want to sneak off and have no one be the wiser, consider a lipstick vibrator.

              If you'll be using your new toy on the go, consider a mini vibrator. These portable items can fit in your purse or bag so they're always handy. Just make sure you remove the batteries ahead of time so it doesn't go off unexpectedly or drain its power. We also offer waterproof vibrators you can use in the bath or shower.

              You can be assured that all of our sex toys for beginners are simple to operate. You'll spend less time puzzling over instructions and more time moaning with delight. In addition to multiple speeds and shapes, our sex toys come in assorted colors.

              We recommend you also stock up on lube so it's always handy. Water-based lubricant can be used with all sex toys. Silicone based lube lasts longer, but is incompatible with silicone toys. You may or may not need lube, but it's always good to have it nearby. Some women coat the shaft of their vibe to make insertion easier. If your vibe operates on batteries, stock up on extras (unless your toy is rechargeable). We're pretty sure that once you start on your vibrator journey, you won't want to stop!