A double sided dildo, true to its name, lets you have double the fun and double the sexual adventure. Why? Because it’s longer than a regular dildo, and features two penis-like attachments on either end.

              A double dildo is mainly used for two partners to enjoy simultaneous pleasure. Alternately, a woman can enjoy double penetration with this sex toy. Spencer’s has double ended dildos (aka double dongs) in different colors, textures and sizes for all your sexual needs.

              How do double dildos work?

              It's pretty simple: One end of the double dildo goes in one orifice, the other goes in another. Two women can use it for vaginal penetration. One may use it for anal play and the other in their vagina. It's up to you! Men and women can also use them together. They can both enjoy anal penetration. Another option is one end goes inside her, the other in his ass.

              Many lesbian couples use double penetration dildos. One end goes inside one woman's vagina, and the other in the other woman’s. If one partner moves, the other will feel the sensation as the dildo shifts inside her, and vice versa.

              These sex toys work as strapless strap-ons. Rather than wearing a harness, you can use a double ended dildo. It will stay in place when it's securely inside each partner. We also carry the Vibrating Double Delight Strap On, which offers even more excitement. That one is an excellent couples toy if you enjoy vibrators.

              A double sided dildo can also be used with a harness for strap on sex, too! The woman can insert one end into her vagina, while the other is used with the harness for anal or vaginal sex with a partner. It’s a win-win because the wearer can get off and get their partner off at the same time!

              She can also use a double dildo during masturbation. One side is used for vaginal penetration, the other for anal penetration. Or you can simply use one side and see how much of it you can take (we recommend lots of lube!).

              Another option is a toy like the King Cock Double Penetrator Dildo. Rather than being one long dildo, this is a dildo with two shafts. A woman can use one in her vagina and one in her anus. If you can't get enough double penetration, this toy's for you.

              Double sided dildos can be a fun masturbation experience or a hot way to show off for a lover. Your partner can help you insert both ends. They'll get a sexy show. Or she can use both ends while giving oral sex.

              You'll want to make sure to have lube handy when you use a double dong. Water-based lubricant is perfect to use with any sex toy. We stock various types of lube, including anal lube. If your sex toy is silicone, remember that you can't use silicone lube with it.

              What kinds of double dildos are there?

              There are several types of double dongs available at Spencer's. All of them are going to be larger than a regular dildo (even the big ones). Because they're designed for two people to use, they're generally double the length of the average dildo.

              Many have a realistic look, with veined shafts and each head shaped like that of a penis. They can't truly be called lifelike because of their size, but they'll feel like the real thing.

              Most are made from soft jelly-like material so they bend easily. There are also glass double dildos, which won't bend. With those, both partners position themselves at either end of the sex toy.

              Are there phthalate-free double dildos?

              Yes! Spencer's cares about your sexual health. You'll see that the double dildos we sell don't contain phthalates. Always check the packaging of your sex toys for materials.

              Remember, these sex toys are pretty big. That's the idea. They're for people who love penetrative sex. They're probably not your best bet for a beginner sex toy. If you're used to a much smaller toy like a bullet vibrator, this may be a big leap. Another important thing to note is you don't have to use the entire dildo. Sometimes it's arousing to work your way up toward taking more of a toy like this. It can be exciting to simply hold a double dildo. You and your partner can discuss the possibilities. You can start with using one end, then work your way toward using both. You can use it to further your sexual fantasies.

              Remember that you'll probably want to use personal lubricant with your new dildo to maximize your pleasure.