A wig can transform your entire look, and Halloween is the perfect time to play with a new hairstyle, whether as part of a costume or simply to test out a new do. At Spencer’s, we have every sort of wig you’re looking for, from bold colors to pop culture icons like Elvira, so your hair will be the center of attention.
            When you’re looking for a way to get instantly noticed, look no further than our ombre devil wig, a bold, sexy choice that’s sure to make heads turn, or our Nicki Minaj leopard look wig for another hot, sensuous look. Transport yourself back to the swinging sixties with a psychedelic wig, work your best eighties image with a side pony tail and fringe wig, or go with bold black and white Victorian curls.
            Our wigs work for men and women, whether you’re daring enough to rock a blond mullet, a bright afro or Bavarian pigtails. It’s the perfect time of year to get creative and experiment with a new hair color or wild style without making any permanent changes to your precious locks.
            Many of our wigs can function as Halloween costumes in and of themselves, whether you’re going as a sexy witch, a hippie, a graying gramma or Spock. We’ve even got an official Orange Is the New Black wig so you can become beloved TV chef, Red. Best of all, while all of Spencer’s wigs are perfect Halloween attire, if you find yourself loving your new tresses, you can wear them any day of the year.