When it comes to underwear, everyone wants to feel comfortable. Some people prefer briefs or hipster panties--and yes, some people even like granny panties (gasp!). But for those who want to keep their underwear game sexy at all times, there's g-strings, thongs, and sexy panties for any occasion. Spencer's naughty selection stocks these intimate garments and much more.

            When can I wear sexy panties?

            There's not really a bad time to wear a drop-dead gorgeous pair of panties, but we get that some people may not know when to pull out their favorite little numbers. Check out our fun list of occasions below for some inspiration and ideas:

            • Planned Date Night: You can hint at or even tell your lover what your wearing underneath your outfit to have them thinking about your underwear all night, or you can reveal your panties when the time is right. Either way, wearing sexy panties for a date night is a great way to make sure the night ends on a sweet note.
            • Surprise Date Night: Not every date has to be you and your partner going out and having set plans. If there's ever a night where you're both just spending time together at home, sneak into the bedroom and slip on a sexy pair of panties. Both you and your lover will be glad that you did!
            • Honeymoon: Is there ever a better excuse to be romantic with your partner than during your honeymoon? Whether you want all-white lingerie, or black and red lace is more your style, slipping into a sexy pair of panties is definitely a must for any fun, honeymoon adventure.
            • Vacation: Vacation is all about having fun and being adventurous, so why not be a little adventurous in the bedroom suite? Pack a sexy thong or crotchless panties (along with your favorite toys!) for a vacation experience that you and your lover are sure to remember for years to come.
            • Any Day of the Week, Really: Sure, some pairs of sexy panties were designed to be appreciated by a lover--but that shouldn't stop you from wearing them for just yourself! Sometimes wearing extra cute and sexy panties can just make you feel awesome, so why not feel awesome any day of the week?!

            Of course sexy panties can make special occasions even more special, but that doesn't mean you have to reserve every pair you own. Pair your sexy panties with a sexy dress and stockings to really make your lover's jaw drop!

            Are there different styles of lingerie panties?

            Absolutely! There's a pair of panties out there for every occasion, so of course there's going to be different styles to fit different people's needs. For a quick peek into the world of sexy panties, check out the styles below:

            • Crotchless Panties: Nothing says "take me NOW" like a pair of crotchless panties. Designed with a hole right where it counts, you can keep these sexy panties on all night long--even if things get heated!
            • Boyshort Panties: Sure, you might not immediately think of "sexy" when you think of boyshorts, but there are plenty of sexy styles out there! If your lover is all about your booty, then a cheekless pair of boyshorts may just make for a fun night at home.
            • Thong & G -String Panties: A classic in the world of sexy underwear, thongs and g-strings make panty lines a thing of the past--not to mention that they'll have your lover glued to your backside. Whether you're wearing them for someone else or yourself, thongs and g strings can be great for daily wear.
            • Bra and Panties Sets: What's better than a pair of sexy panties, you ask? A pair of sexy panties that comes with a matching bra! Step up your sexy lingerie style when you get your own gorgeous bra and underwear set, and you'll be sure to feel just a little more confident throughout your day. 

            Where can I buy sexy panties?

            You can find the sexiest panties right here at Spencer Gifts! You'll feel as sexy and confident as ever when you shop our selection of lace thongs, boy shorts, and more! No matter the occasion, sexy underwear is a must in your wardrobe! From bikini underwear to vibrating panties, Spencer's has the sexiest lingerie around.