Sexy Lingerie

              If you want to seduce your lover, slip into some sexy lingerie and you’ll be amazed at how fast they drop whatever they’re doing and rush over for a closer look—and feel. When you put on a sexy slip, teddy, bodysuit, chemise or babydoll, bodystocking, kimono robe or even a pair of crotchless panties from Spencer’s, you’ll instantly feel your hottest. Lingerie perfectly hugs your curves and lets you show off your beautiful body, while teasing your partner with what lies beneath your intimate attire. We carry a wide range of enticing lingerie right here at Spencer's.

              Why Women Are So Fond of Lingerie

              Lingerie appeals to so many women because it makes them feel sexy and seductive, not only to themselves, but also to their partners. The whole idea behind ultra-popular sexy lingerie is that you’re stepping out of your everyday clothing and into something that signals pure sex appeal. There’s no way to mistake that! Save your sweats and t-shirt bra for binge watching your favorite show with a bowl of popcorn, but put on a mesh babydoll and g-string panty set when you want a night filled with the hottest romance you can imagine.

              How to be Sexy in Lingerie

              In order to be sexy in lingerie, you must feel sexy no matter your shape or size. Confidence is key! If you’re unsure about which style of sexy lingerie would make you feel the most confident and comfortable, think about what sexy parts of your body you want to accentuate in the bedroom.

              What Is the Sexiest Type of Lingerie?

              There is no unanimous decision on which type of lingerie is the sexiest; it's all based off of personal preference! Some women prefer going to bed in a see-through babydoll and g-string, a luxurious chemise accented with sexy lace, or simply a provocative bra and charmeuse nightgown. No matter how you choose to dress, you're sure to look absolutely ravishing in the eyes of your lover.

              To help you decide which sexy outfit is best for you, we'll break down a few of our favorite styles.

              A simple lace bra and panty set will really up your sex appeal without stepping too much outside of your comfort zone. There is something about lace that really leaves something to the imagination. Whether you want a bra with criss-cross straps and matching cut-out panties or something straight from a boudoir film, the perfect set shows off just a little bit of skin, but still hides all of the good stuff. Your partner will love the lace look, and they won't be able to wait to see what is hiding underneath. Though lace bras and g-string panties could be a part of your everyday wear, there is always a different feel when it's the only thing you're wearing in the bedroom. Plus, if you purchase a lace bra and g-string for sexytime, you can always wear it under your clothes...just in case something pops up when you're least expecting it! Or, if you want to tease your lover just a little bit, you could simply wear an almost see-through camisole over your sexy bra. This will make your partner want to come in for a closer look. Let the lace set the mood for your foreplay fantasies, and let your lover remove your clothing as slowly or quickly as they want.

              If a sexy bra or lace bralette isn't doing it for you, then ditch the bra altogether and go for the next step up. Our lingerie selection also includes luscious nightwear like a mesh chemise or a chiffon babydoll. A chemise looks like a tiny little dress, only sexier. You can let the chemise shape your body and show off all of your sexiest body parts. The best part about a chemise is that you can slip right back into it after play time is over, and sleep in pure comfort. Your lover will wake up next to you, see you in the chemise from the night before, and want to do it all over again! A babydoll is similar to a chemise in terms of comfort. You can step into a lace babydoll, and watch your partner drool as they slip you right out. If you want to show off your legs, a sexy black lace babydoll is the perfect way to do just that.

              If you're looking for more of a statement piece, try a one piece bodysuit. These will hug all of your sexiest curves, and accentuate everything your lover loves about you. Add to the sexy look with a full lace design, or a see-through mesh suit! If your favorite body part is your chest, try a high-waisted outfit that features a deep V-neck, and watch your partner shake with anticipation. A great part about a bodysuit is that you don't have to wear anything underneath, but if you wanted to add a g-string you could! Another layer for your partner to take off just makes the anticipation build more and more.

              Corset-style lingerie transforms your shape, no matter your size, showing off your body to your best advantage. If you've always wanted an hourglass figure, a sexy black corset or lace bustier will have you strutting your stuff in no time. You can get one with hook closure, or a lace-up style that will really accentuate your curves. Either way, you'll be amazed at how much body confidence putting on one of these sensual-style garments can bring you, and you'll love how your partner will react when they see you!

              If you want to show off a little more than you normally would, try something crotchless. You could pair crotchless panties with a matching bra, or slip into a crotchless bodysuit. Going crotchless allows you and your partner to admire the lingerie for longer periods of time, since you technically don't ever have to take it off.

              We carry a wide range of naughty lingerie in various colors and designs, including plus size lingerie options for women of every body type. Whether you want a gorgeous bra and lace panty set to put on beneath your date night outfit or pasties and garters to show off your legs, we’ve got it! Wearing crotchless panties and a mesh bra is enough to get anyone excited. Sometimes less is more. The best part about the most seductive sleepwear is that you won’t actually be getting that much sleep.

              When Women Should Wear Sexy Lingerie

              Women’s lingerie can be for special occasions or everyday use. There are no rules! Maybe you have a hot date after work and want to be ready for action at a moment’s notice, or simply prepare yourself throughout the day. Be ready for action with some garters under your dress or skirt, or the perfect mesh lace bra. It’ll be your little secret until you want to unveil it.

              A lot of women wear lingerie on their wedding night or honeymoon, or even as a sexy surprise for Valentine's Day. If you're planning a friend's bachelorette party or if you're the one getting married, we offer beautiful white bridal lingerie! A white babydoll, sheer lace bra, lace chemise with garters, g-string with rhinestones and pasties, are all perfect for the bride-to-be.

              There is no set time for wearing lingerie. Even if you just change up your everyday style for a lace thong or racy bra, you’ll quickly experience the difference some special naughty sleepwear can make. You’re in control—you can decide whether you want an intimate "barely there" outfit or one that teases your partner’s eye. Either way, you’ll be utterly irresistible in some sexy lingerie, that boosts your confidence at the same time! Spencer's offers every type of intimate attire your heart could desire.

              If you're not sure what type of lingerie is best for your body or your partner's, we can assist you with your purchase. You can reach us via the "Help" button above or "Ask Jackie" button below. Or you can contact the Spencer's Customer Service department by calling 1-800-762-0419.