Spencer’s G-spot vibrators from our sex and wellness selection are your ticket to mind-blowing pleasure! Their curved shape lets you stimulate this ultra-sensitive internal part of a woman’s body. Before we tell you all about these exciting sex toys, let's answer your questions about this buzzed about women's erogenous zone.

            What Is the G-Spot and Where Is It Located?

            The G-spot, named after Doctor Ernst Grafenberg, is located along the upper wall of a woman's vagina. It's generally about two inches inside and feels spongy when aroused. You can touch yours by inserting two fingers in a come hither motion. Then repeatedly add pressure to the upper wall. Curl your fingers and press upward. Once you feel a spongy or ridged area, you've found it. This area tends to get more pronounced the more aroused a woman is. It differs in size depending on the women. The G-spot is generally the size of a quarter. It may be slightly smaller or larger. Some women can easily find theirs; others can't. It's an erogenous zone that requires a little effort to fully access. Unlike the clitoris, which is largely visible, the G-spot can't be seen.

            Can a G-Spot Vibrator Help You Find Your G-Spot?

            Yes! The whole point of a G-spot vibrator is that it's curved to reach this sensitive area. Unlike most dildos or other types of vibrators, these aren't straight. They can be any size, but their tip has a special curve. Rather than you curling your fingers to reach this internal location, the vibe does all the work. This is important because sometimes stroking your G-spot takes a long time. You may enjoy the feeling but your hand gets tired. Or you want to use your hand for clitoral stimulation. These sex toys provide G-spot stimulation so you can lie back and enjoy the sensations. You can also use the tip for clitoral pressure.

            The key to using a G-spot vibrator is to relax and enjoy yourself. Don't obsess over finding the spot. You're not looking for a location on a treasure map. You're pleasuring yourself. You can insert the toy and see how the pressure makes you feel. The stimulation may be just right or it may start to feel almost too intense. If you're using a multi speed massager, start from the lowest setting and work your way up. You can always take a break. If it feels good, keep going. If it doesn't, try something new. You may want to touch your clitoris while using a G-spot toy. This way you get two types of erotic stimulation at once. This is the same idea behind the rabbit vibrator. They also make variations on this popular sex toy that are curved to hit the Gspot.

            If you're looking for an adult gift for your girlfriend, wife or lover, these vibes are a great suggestion. Of course, you want to give her time to explore her new vibrating plaything. Accessing the G spot often takes patience and coaxing. A G-spot vibrator is powerful but it probably won't happen in an instant. This is a case where the journey is as important as the destination. Women who love G-spot play may not be able to experience the same pleasure during intercourse. By giving her a G-spot sex toy, you're helping her have a varied and hot sex life.

            Why Do Women Like G-Spot Vibrators?

            One reason women like G-spot vibrators is that they can lead to powerful orgasms. Many women report these orgasms feel even more exciting than other types of climaxes. They often feel more intense. They're simply a new way to climax. For some women this even includes ejaculating. If this happens to you, one vital thing to remember is that it's not pee. Female ejaculation is a special type of fluid. You may want to lay down a towel beneath you to protect your bedding.

            Types of G-Spot Massagers

            These women's sex toys come in a variety of colors like pink, purple and blue. They can be as long as 10 inches and as short as five. Because they're mainly going to be used to stimulate the G-spot, their length is less important than with other vibes.

            They may be made of silicone, plastic or other materials. If you're using lubricant, make sure it works with your sex toy. Water-based lube can be used with any toy. Silicone lube cannot be used with silicone sex toys as the material will break down.

            What a G spot stimulator does is basically what you did with your fingers, but even more explosive. It can move faster and reach more of your most sensitive spots.

            Because stimulating the clitoris at the same time can mean even more sexual intensity, we also stock plenty of G spot rabbit vibrators. These are a great option for women who love clitoral stimulation but also want penetration.

            These toys can improve your sex life whether you're used to G spot play or not. They can get you used to touching this sensitive area. The high-powered, affordable Butterfly Kiss Multi Speed G Spot Vibrator offers 9 different types of vibration and pulsations. You can test out the different settings to discover your favorite. Some of these specially curved vibrators are studded along the shaft to give you even more pleasurable sensations. Waterproof G-spot vibes can be used in the bath or shower for slippery, sexy fun.

            You can select from your favorite brands such as Lelo, Vush and We-Vibe or any of our other G spot toys. They've all been specially selected for maximum sensation.