Want to escape reality for a night and become someone else with some sexy role-playing? Check out Spencer’s naughty selection of sexy lingerie! Our range of fantasy dress-up and sex costumes will turn your humdrum bedroom routine into one that sizzles with passion. Relive the old days by dressing up as a sexy schoolgirl or saucy cheerleader, while you let your partner play into the fun. Bust out a pair of  handcuffs and make an arrest as a sexy cop or get ready to take some very high temperatures as a naughty nurse.

            Housecleaning will never be more fun than when dressed as a hot French maid. This is a sex outfit you'll love putting on every time! You can even join the mile high club while on the ground in an adorable pilot uniform. Our treasure trove of sexy outfits is sure to kink up your night and give your relationship exactly what is needed to spice it up and fulfill your every fantasy. Add some naughty talk and you’re all set for the perfect sex date of your dreams.

            Dress Up and Act Out Fantasies

            Add something new to your bedroom routine by incorporating your favorite characters and putting a little extra magic into your night. Talk with your partner and discover what kind of style they're into, customize your dress code, and let the games begin. If your partner likes princesses, become one with a beautiful gown, or spread your magical pixie dust when you fly into the bedroom as a mythical fairy. Want to take a bite of your lover? Role play as vampire and incorporate sexy accessories to intensify the fashion. Fantasy dress up is perfect for the couple and allows you to wear cute and chic fashion outfits to make the hottest nights come alive. Add to your look by customizing hairstyles and give yourself a makeover before heading to the bedroom for some fun and games. We have all the hot sex cotumes you want to spice up your relationship.

            Girls who love to dress sexy on Halloween can take their costumes and utilize their sex appeal in the bedroom. Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Dress in something super sexy and make your partner's fantasy a reality. Let the games begin. The sex outfit options for fantasy fun are endless. Become whoever you want in the bedroom, and let your partner take your fashion dress literally. Role-playing has never been so sexy.

            If you have any questions about fantasy dress up and erotic role-playing costumes, or any other items we sell, contact us today by clicking "Help" above or "Ask Jackie" below. You can reach the Spencer's Customer Service department by phone at 1-800-762-0419.