If you’re tired of the same old sex positions, look no further than a sex swing to put the sizzle back in your love life! You can easily create your own pleasure playground right at home. Add one of Spencer’s adult sex swings to your bedroom décor (no, they aren’t permanent). You'll have access to all sorts of new sex positions to get truly intimate. This is an incredible couples sex toy whose possibilities are infinite!

              What are sex swings?

              Sex swings are sex toys that are installed in a doorway. One partner gets strapped into the swing while the other partner stands. This allows you to engage in sexual positions that aren't possible without the swing.

              How do you install a sex swing?

              Sex swings are easy to install. Just follow the instructions and make sure the swing is secure. They fit over your door and are able to hold your body weight.

              You can keep them up as long as you'd like. They're not permanent, so if you have company coming over, away they go!

              How do sex swings work?

              They have a harness that easily attaches to any doorway. Your home can become your own very special erotic den. They are great for couples where one person is much taller than the other. You can enjoy intercourse, oral sex or play with sex toys while in a door swing.

              Swings can be part of your BDSM play or simply a way to try something new. As with any form of bondage, don't leave someone in a sex swing alone. They will need your help getting out of the swing.

              These sex swings are sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about them holding you. Just make sure you're within the weight limit. You want to be comfortable so you can fully enjoy yourself. Then get a good grip and sway your way to an amazing time. You can live out your sex fantasies as you get more intimate with your partner.

              Look, we love getting it on in bed. But everyone craves erotic variety. Sometimes you want to do it lying down. Sometimes you want it slammed up against the wall or in the shower. Sex swings give you a chance to have a new sexual thrill as a couple. They take you out of your routine for some of the hottest sex ever.

              If your body and your lover's don't always align perfectly in bed, a swing can help. Maybe you and your partner are different heights or sizes. Getting it on using a sex swing stand means that you can now have full access to each other’s bodies.

              How much weight can a sex swing hold?

              Most sex swings hold body weights of 300-400 pounds. Your safety and comfort are the most important aspects of using these couples sex toys.

              Why do people like sex swings?

              People enjoy sex swings largely because they're exciting. You're hanging in the air, literally swinging. Your body is secure, but also exposed. If you've never tried bondage before, these sex toys can be a great initial foray into restraint.

              Imagine you're hanging in a swing. From head to toe, you're available for your lover's touch. They take a vibrator and run it from your nipples down between your legs. They give you a deep, lusty kiss. Then just as you get into it and start moaning, they back up. You tug on the swing's handles. You want more, but you're restrained, so have to wait. Your lover backs up so you can get a good view of their naked body. They start touching themselves while you watch. Only when you're in dire need to be touched do they come back. Then you two have the hottest sex of your life.

              The beauty of a sex swing is that it's so easy to use and opens up so many erotic options. You can make it extra kinky by adding toys like nipple clamps. You can simply have fun as you bang while you hang in the air. The choice is yours. Either way, this form of suspension is thrilling. It also allows for very deep penetration.

              Another great aspect of this type of sex furniture is that you can start using it anywhere, from your home to a hotel room, because it’s portable and temporary. A door sex swing will let you try out new ways of having sex that also take the pressure off your joints so you can fully enjoy yourself.

              If you’re the type of couple who craves variety, experimenting with sex swing positions you’ve never tried before can be just the thing to make your next date one of the most memorable of your life. Spencer's also has plenty of other couples sex toys you can combine with your sex swing for a wonderful time. Think swinging in the air while nipple clamps dangle against your chest. Or maybe you'd enjoy feeling the press of a butt plug inside you while you bounce around. Mix it up! Spencer's also carries sex wedges and pillows to make your favorite positions more comfortable.

              You’ll appreciate all the new ways you two can connect with our sex furniture and sex swings. Discover all the sex positions you can now access, trying out different angles and heights for even more sensations. This can be a once in a while treat or a regular part of your erotic repertoire.If you have any questions about buying or using a sex swing or any other items, our staff sex experts are here to assist you. Click on our live chat in the bottom right or "Ask Jackie" below to connect with our knowledgeable staff.