What are hoop nose rings?

              Hoop nose rings are a specific style of nose ring, meant to decorate a nose piercing. Unlike studs, they feature a circular shape that wraps around the nostril. Hoop nose rings are a popular style, especially when first getting your nose pierced; this is because a hoop is less likely to put pressure on your nose if it happens to swell up during the healing process.

              However, keep in mind that nose hoops and septum rings are two completely different styles of jewelry. While the average gauge of a nostril piercing tends to be around 20 gauge, septum piercings are commonly done at 16 gauge. Because of this, hoop nose rings are often sold in 20 gauge and septum rings in 16 gauge. 

              Are there different styles of nose hoops?

              Yes! Much like most styles of body jewelry, variation is key because everyone's body is different. A piercing style that works for some people may not work for others, and so it's important to have different styles of nose rings to make sure that there's always something for everyone. This applies to specifically nose hoops, as well!

              To gain a better understanding of the different kinds of hoop nose rings, check out our mini guide to nose hoops:

              • Seamless Nose Rings
                • Seamless rings don't have any closure at the ends. Instead, they're meant to be gently bent until it fits in your nose piercing, then then bent again back into place.
                • This style is great for anyone who gets annoyed by pesky backings or for anyone who likes a more casual, minimalist look.
                • Use small ring opening pliers to open and close your seamless ring--it's way easier, trust us!
              • Captive Nose Rings
                • Also known as captive bead rings, this style of jewelry is common for different piercings, especially for nose piercings and nipple piercings.
                • Captive rings pinch around a small ball for closure. The ball is dimpled on the sides, so that the edges of the ring snap perfectly into place.
                • Both captive rings and seamless rings can be used for different piercings, as long as they're the appropriate gauge. Just make sure to clean the ring before putting it in another piercing!
              • Open Nose Rings
                • Open nose rings are true to their name; they aren't fully closed and feature a stopper at one end.
                • This can be the easiest style of nose ring to put on, because they don't require you to open or close them.
                • Unlike seamless rings or captive rings, it would probably be difficult to use an open nose ring in other body piercings.

              Where can I buy hoop nose rings?

              You can get your latest nose hoop right here at Spencer Gifts! You'll love decorating your nose piercing with all the latest and greatest hoop styles, from seamless nose rings to open and captive rings--and even multi-packs that come with a few studs! Whether you're getting your first hoop or you're adding to your body jewelry collection, our wide selection of styles and designs means that you're almost sure to find something that's perfect for you.

              So, what are you waiting for?! No matter what your look is, your newest nose piercing style can be just a few clicks away. You can never go wrong when you shop nose hoops at Spencer's, part of our extensive selection of stylish and affordable body jewelry!