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Bondage Sex Toys

Get kinky at Spencer's adult store with high quality, affordable BDSM and bondage toys to stock your dungeon or bedroom. BDSM toys are any items that help you practice BDSM, which stands for bondage, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism. These can include sex products for sensation play, such as floggers and whips. It also encompasses products geared toward restraint (see below).

Bondage gear means anything you can use to tie someone up. This includes rope, handcuffs, gags and other restraints. Cuffs can go around the wrists and be worn in front, back or above the head. There are also ankle cuffs to restrain the legs. It all depends on the type of restraint you want. Blindfolds also qualify, because they provide sensory deprivation. When you can't see, you're at your dominant's mercy.

Why do people enjoy bondage gear?

Bondage gear helps you engage in restraint safely. There are many items you can use to restrain someone, but you also need to protect them. Tying someone too tightly can be dangerous. You need to make sure you're not cutting off their circulation. So if you use a household item like a scarf or tie, you may knot it too tightly. With specially crafted items, you take out the guesswork. This way you can enjoy your kinky explorations without worry. Another way to protect yourself is to always use a safeword, such as red. This lets either party stop the action at any time.

There's also a beautiful visual element to this type of erotic play. When a person is cuffed behind their back, their chest sticks out. Their entire body is then presented to the dominant. This provides many kinky people with a heady rush of power.

Wearing kinky gear also symbolizes a deep trust. If you're going to wear a ball gag, you should make sure your partner knows what you want. You should also develop an alternative safeword since you can't talk, such as ringing a bell. This level of commitment and trust can bring you even closer together.

There are both physical and mental aspects of bondage. It can be glorious and maddening to not be able to touch your lover. It can also be incredibly exciting. If you are used to using your hands while performing oral sex, imagine them restrained. What would you do differently? How would your dynamic change?

You don't have to have any prior experience to enjoy this type of play. Many couples are looking to add something new to their intimate life. They use these items to stay out of a sexual rut. They may find it helps increase their libido. These items can act like a code between them. When the cuffs are on the bed, it's kinky date night.

What kinds of bondage toys are there?

One thing newbies might not realize is that there's no single way to enjoy erotic restraint. For some, it's as simple as having one body part restrained, such as wrists, or wearing a gag. We carry rope in a variety of colors specifically designed for tying people up. It gets the job done without being rough on the skin. Cuffs come in all sorts of materials, from leather to satin and beyond. Each will produce a different sensation.

This single element can transform your bedroom dynamic completely. Instead of being on an equal playing field, one person is in charge. A bondage collar can also be arousing to both partners. It gives the submissive a bold symbol of their role. Some come with a leash so you can be led around. Some wear them as play accessories. For others, being collared is a formal level of devotion in a dom/sub relationship.

Others crave more intense sensations from being bound. Maybe they want to be hogtied, with their wrists and ankles restrained behind their back. We carry specific gear to do that easily. Different styles work for different relationships. You may regularly practice BDSM or enjoy it occasionally.

Spencer’s has kinky items for all experience levels. Even a kinky accessory like a blindfold can transform your love life. It allows the wearer to sink into a world where they are at the mercy of the person who’s placed it over their eyes.

Our specially selected BDSM items include everything from cuffs to ball gags to the simple but extremely effective bondage tape. The tape can be used to bind wrists or ankles or even more sensitive body parts. It won't hurt when it comes off the way regular tape would.

It's not just about the physical thrills, though. For many, the joy of playing with bondage is getting to engage in kinky roleplay. This can mean giving up or gaining control over their partner for a little while. You'll see how the change in power dynamics makes things sizzle between you.

As we said earlier, bondage also offers up an exciting visual element. This can easily correspond with power exchange. Picture a bound woman. Her partner is using a vibrator on her. She can't escape...but she doesn't want to! The sensations are amplified because she's restrained. Then maybe later she ties up her guy. Then she uses a feather tickler on him...all over. Bondage tape over the mouth lets the bound person struggle and make noise. They can thrash and moan, knowing their top will undo it eventually. If you both agree, take a photo of the bound person. They'll be able to see just how hot they look. The erotic possibilities are endless!

Which BDSM toys are good for beginners?

If you’re just starting out, you can ease into kinky play with one of our bondage kits from our sex shop. These exciting kits have everything you need to restrain your lover. Then you can use the other erotic aids on them. Don't feel like you need to use them all at once. Go at your own pace. Get used to the different sensations. You could start with a blindfold. From there, discover what it's like to be flogged while your eyes are covered. Or wear nipple clamps while you can't see them being put on. You can mix and match. We suggest starting with one type of restraint first, then building from there.

Other kinky beginner options include bondage tape, which is easy to put on and remove. Furry handcuffs are soft to the touch but still lock you in place. A collar can help ease you into sub space and get you in the mood. The Strap Ease Bondage Strap lets you cover the entire body easily.

Once you're bound, what happens next? Anything you want! You can have intercourse or enjoy foreplay. You can use a toy like a dildo or vibrator on your tied up partner. Or you can simply make them watch you touch yourself (unless they're blindfolded).

Every aspect of kink won't work for you. Don't feel pressured to do anything that isn't working for you. There's a whole wide world of restraint, dominance and submission out there. Discover what turns you and your partner on. Some people combine sex and bondage, others don't.

The biggest rule you need to follow is to never leave a bound person alone. They are relying on you to take care of them every step of the way. This includes checking in and making sure knots and restraints are comfortable.

Advanced bondage play

Ready to go to the next level and experiment even more with some BDSM toys? Check our our selection of spreader bars. A collar combined with clamps can be an arousing pairing. You may want to wear a mask or even a hood to further get you in the mood.

What you do while you're restrained can make all the difference. For lighter sensations, use a feather duster. We stock ones specifically for bedroom play. After all, the real one will be too dusty. You want one that's just for fun! You'll tickle their fancy while all they can do is squirm.

Try a pair of nipple clamps for the best kind of sweet pain to turn you on. You can use a flogger, whip or paddle for some sensation play. How hard you strike them depends on your comfort level. This is why a safe word is so important. Sensations may feel even stronger when you're tied up. This will be all the more intense when the person on the receiving end can’t escape. You can also try dripping hot wax onto the bound person's skin while they watch.

The best part of this type of adult play is that you can experiment. One day you’re the one wielding the crop or locking those cuffs in place. The next day your partner’s the one placing a ball gag in your mouth. It’s exciting to discover what you can—and can’t—do when your wrists or ankles (or both!) are restrained. Everyone can indulge in the joys of getting to surrender to your deepest fantasies. Letting someone else run the show while you follow their every sexy command can be deeply arousing.

How can I travel with bondage gear?

Much of our BDSM gear is portable. You can easily carry them in an overnight bag or suitcase while traveling. This means you can get kinky on vacation, a honeymoon or in any locale. Some of the best kinky travel sex toys are door and under the bed restraints, blindfolds, rope and collars. These fit easily in most luggage.

Add some bondage equipment to your home

You’ll be amazed at how even the simplest of bondage accessories from our sex store can make a world of difference. It can transforming your relationship into one of dominant and submissive or simply spice things up. You can be assured we've curated our selections to offer only the best kinky gear. So slap on some handcuffs, slip on a mask or sink down into a bondage chair and prepare for a wild night.

Our sex experts have selected top of the line kinky sex accessories so you can fulfill your erotic fantasies. Best of all, it's affordable so you can stick to your budget. From easy knots and restraints to more elaborate bondage equipment, we've got it. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by clicking "Ask Jackie" below or "Help" above. You can reach our Customer Service department at 1-800-762-0419. Don't let anything stand in the way of fulfilling your bondage fantasy!