How can a sexy blindfold make your sex life even hotter? Here’s a hint: Close your eyes for a moment. When you open them, imagine plunging into that world of darkness under the command of a lover, one who wants to tease, pleasure or erotically torment you while you writhe in anticipation. A blindfold can help you get fully into subspace easily because it doesn’t require any setup; you just slip it over your eyes or let your partner do the same.

            By not knowing what will happen next, you show just how much you trust your dominant and how willing you are to submit. There’s a rush of excitement you’ll likely feel when you see your bedmate wearing a blind fold, ready and willing to let you have your way with them, that’s unlike any other experience.

            At Spencer's, we have plenty of blindfold options for you, along with all the erotic toys you could desire.

            What Is a Blindfold or a Sex Mask?

            A blindfold is a piece of fabric tied around the head to conceal the eyes. Blindfolds are the perfect kinky accessory to spice up your sex life in moments, allowing you to relax into the joy of turning over the reins to someone else and luxuriating in the bliss of submission. Whether you’re experienced at bondage or are just getting started, Spencer’s has a range of BDSM friendly blindfolds to get you in the mood and allow you to surrender your sense of sight for the night.

            How Do You Tease Your Lover With a Blindfold?

            Covering their eyes with a sensual blindfold will prevent your lover from seeing what you're about to do. The anticipation of not knowing where your hands (or other parts of your body!) will be going to next will be enough to drive them absolutely wild. While blindfolded, their other senses will heighten which will help send chills down their spine with every touch. Want to take it up a notch? Cuff their hands above their head or behind their back with a set of sexy handcuffs to keep them from being able to touch you back.

            Why Do People Like Having Blindfold Sex?

            One of the reasons men and women enjoy wearing blindfolds is that by taking away the sense of sight, their other senses become heightened. A simple touch, whether a finger lightly tracing over a wrist or a kiss on the side of a neck, becomes amplified and even more powerful. For those who like more intense types of physical sensations, the pressure of nipple clamps becomes explosive in the best possible way when you can’t see exactly what’s happening, but oh, can you feel it! You can even put on a black lace blindfold and match it to your favorite sexy lingerie for a stunning and sexy bedroom combination!

            Is Using a Blindfold Considered Bondage?

            Although most wouldn't consider blindfolds to be bondage, it is! Since the person who wears the eye mask has lost one of their senses, they are at their partner's mercy. The person wearing the mask becomes the subordinate and the one without the eye mask is now the dominant. However far you decide to play into bondage is entirely up to you, though. Some people love having their hands restrained, whether by cuffs or just by their partner holding their hand. If you're looking to slowly dip your toes into the world of bondage, a velvet or satin eye mask is great for a beginner.

            At Spencer's, we offer satin and faux leather blind folds and sex masks in a range of styles to suit any mood. Choose from a black lace eye mask or Fifty Shades of Grey masquerade mask, among other options, to help you get into the perfect submissive headspace to fully enjoy your next kinky adventure. We also carry bondage kits to help you get started; these are perfect for couples who know they want to heat things up in the bedroom but aren’t quite sure where to start. They come with blindfolds and other bondage sex toys that will let you sink back against your restraints while you’re pleasured in the dark until your dominant removes the mask and lets you see just what they’ve been doing to you!