If you want to spice up your sex life with sensation play and get truly kinky, you've come to the right place. Spencer’s has a wide selection of affordable riding crops, sex whips, and spanking paddles. Our BDSM equipment lets you get truly wild.

              Beginners to this type of erotic pleasure will find plenty of great kinky toys. Those who already love to bend over and get smacked are also in luck. We have adult toys for all BDSM experience levels. You can easily discover the thrill of bondage and getting kinky. Take your pick of sexy sensations, from the soft and sensuous stroke of a feather tickler to a harder spanking from a sex paddle.

              But first, let's explore what these various adult toys are.

              What Is a Riding Crop?

              In BDSM play, a riding crop is a sex toy used primarily on the buttocks. You may have seen one used in Fifty Shades of Grey. The name and the image probably sound familiar. Riding crops are also used on horses. But the type of crop we're referring to here is specifically designed for humans. These kinky sex toy s are optimized to deliver the kind of pain you crave.

              While the designs are slightly different, most riding crops have a long skinny handle with a small head at the end. This head is used to strike the buttocks, inner thighs, breasts or other fleshy areas of the body. The sensation is generally stronger than that of a paddle, because it's striking less surface area.

              Riding crops can be made of leather or other materials. Ours come in colors ranging from black to red to white.

              What Is a Tickler?

              A tickler is a sex toy used to tickle. Yes, it's that simple, and that arousing. If you've ever been tickled and found yourself turned on, these adult toys are worth exploring. Some have a handle and a feather on the end. Others are shaped like a feather duster. Instead of actually dusting, they're used to tickle sensitive body parts like armpits, arms and inner thighs. Or you could enjoy some fantasy dress-up as a French maid. Dusting can be part of your foreplay!

              What Is a Flogger?

              A flogger is a sex toy with a handle and multiple strands. The strands can be used to gently drape over a lover's skin or for firmer whacks. When a flogger lands hard against your skin, you'll feel a strong thudding sensation. Floggers can be used on the buttocks, thighs, upper back and breasts.

              How Do You Use a Riding Crop or Sex Whip?

              Most riding crops and whips have a wrist loop. You wear it around your wrist, then grip the handle. This helps keep the toy in place. You should take a few practice swings in the air to get a feel for wielding it.

              The biggest question is what position you'll be in to deliver the blows. Your partner can stand with their hands above their head facing a wall. They can either stick their butt out toward you or stand straight. You can stand behind them and deliver the smacks. You can also drape them across your lap for an up close spanking.

              Floggers are generally longer than crops and whips, so you'll have to stand farther back.

              If you're using these BDSM toys for the first time, make sure to check in with your partner. What may seem like a light smack to one person may feel over the top to another.

              As with any BDSM play, it's important to have a safeword. Often, kinksters use red and yellow. If either person says the word "red," play stops immediately. If one of you says "yellow," you proceed with less intensity. This gives both partners a way out if they want to stop for any reason. You want to make your safeword short and easy to remember.

              How Much Does a Riding Crop Hurt?

              Riding crops can be used to gently tease or to deliver sharp stings. The intensity of any of these BDSM toys depends on the power behind each smack. Many dominants start off with lighter taps and build their way up to harder slaps. This allows the bottom to get used to the sensation and take more thwacks.

              Types of BDSM Sex Toys

              In addition to crops, sex whips and floggers, we also carry a variety of paddles. They are perfect for delivering a firm spanking. Some people enjoy spanking because of the physical sensation. The pain turns into pleasure as it travels through your lover half.

              Others like to roleplay during spanking, such as a teacher and naughty student. If you're curious about this type of play, go for it! Put on your shortest school girl skirt and bend over. Paddles can be made of wood, leather or other materials.

              For an arousing sensation, try our Red Mischief Heart Paddle. Deliver firm smacks with the leather side. You can alternate butt cheeks for maximum intensity. You can tease them this way until they're begging for more.

              If you long to feel the more powerful feel of a bondage whip striking the sweet spot across your bottom, you’ve come to the right place. Our high quality kinky sex toys are perfect for anyone interested in BDSM. They're excellent as part of a dominant and submissive relationship or if you’re simply looking for to experiment sexually.

              There are all sorts of ways to explore the sweet side of pain and get to know what turns you on the most. A sex crop can be used to tap or slap your buttocks, inner thighs or your nipples. You'll moan in pleasure as your dominant ramps up the intensity. Maybe you enjoy the delicious torment of being tied up and tickled with a feather duster. You're be able to squirm and plead and wriggle around but unable to escape its delicate flutters.

              Want to combine your favorite kinky activities so that you’re so aroused you can barely stand it? We’ve got bondage kits containing a paddle, blindfold and furry handcuffs for your delight. If you enjoy a good over the knee spanking, you’ll like our riding crops, which allow your dominant to give you the paddling you crave.

              Ticklers and floggers can be dragged along the skin, whether the recipient is bound or not. They're perfect for tracing over breasts, sliding along your inner thighs or tickling delicate areas like the back of the knee or bottom of the feet. Note that paddles and riding crops should be used on the fleshy parts of the body like the buttocks or breasts. Often the mere sound of a kinky sex toy striking the air can be enough to make the person on the receiving end of their imminent bondage beating whimper in anticipation.

              These toys can easily be combined with other bondage accessories like handcuffs and restraints for even more naughty delights. Maybe you want to role-play with one person getting “punished” for a misdeed. Have them bend over, get their hands shackled behind their back or be made to hold their ankles. Then "make" them take a specific number of strokes from a slapper or bondage whip. Maybe your love of nipple clamps has led you to want to feel the brush of a red rope flogger across your breasts. Perhaps you want to take some intense thuds along your upper back. These kinky toys are versatile enough to fuel numerous BDSM scenes.

              Perhaps you’re the one who’ll be wielding these bondage implements; consider the addition of a metal Wartenberg wheel. This small but powerful sex toy is the perfect erotic accessory. Roll it along the skin of the person you have bound in place while they await your next move. Whatever kind of bondage play you prefer, Spencer's wide range of whips, sex paddles, crops and ticklers has something for you.