If you have a tragus piercing and are looking for stylish jewelry, you’ll find dozens of options right here at Spencer’s. Our tragus jewelry lets you take your pick of all sorts of styles and designs, and also includes titanium tragus earrings for those with nickel allergies or sensitive skin.

              Before we tell you all about our selection, here’s some basic information about tragus earrings so you know what to expect and how they work.

              What is a tragus earring?

              A tragus earring is jewelry used to decorate the tragus piercing. Earrings like this are unique than the usual earlobe piercing, which is why they've become so popular over time. As for the tragus piercing itself and where the tragus is, it's located inside the ear, and is the piece of ear cartilage that's right in front of your ear canal. While regular earrings simply go through the lobe of the ear, cartilage piercings can be found throughout different places inside the ear.

              How long does it take for a tragus piercing to heal?

              Every tragus piercing is different, and so the average time for a tragus piercing to heal is from 3 months to 6 months. It's important to take care of a healing cartilage piercing, and to know the warning signs of infection. Aftercare will help keep the piercing cleaned and sanitized, so make sure you follow the steps of cleaning it with saline solution. If you believe your piercing hasn't healed properly, or if you think something is wrong in general, then you should contact your piercer immediately.

              When you want to make the most of your tragus piercing, this section is just the right place to shop. Some of our most popular tragus jewelry include a three-pack of black plated rose CZ cartilage earrings, perfect for anyone who wants to sport a Goth style, and on a brighter note, a colorful assortment of rainbow curved barbells. Whether you want to keep it simple with a multi-pack of goldtone cartilage rings in various sizes or dazzle with CZ butterflies, we have tragus jewelry for every type of style. From bold to understated, colorful to classic, any of these jewelry options will help you show off your tragus piercing. These are part of our cartilage jewelry section, where you’ll find options for other cartilage piercings of you have them or are thinking of getting one.

              If you also have other piercings, check out Spencer’s wide selection of body jewelry that’s sure to make you shine.