Cartilage & Tragus Earrings

Multi-Pack Rainbow Seamless Hoop Rings 12 Pack - 16 Gauge
Blue Crystal Hinged Hoop Earring - 16 Gauge
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Goldtone Arrow and Coil Industrial Barbell 2 Pack - 14 Gauge

What is a tragus earring?

A tragus earring is jewelry used to decorate the tragus piercing. Earrings like this are unique than the usual earlobe piercing, which is why they've become so popular over time. As for the tragus piercing itself and where the tragus is, it's located inside the ear, and is the piece of ear cartilage that's right in front of your ear canal. While regular earrings simply go through the lobe of the ear, cartiliage piercings can be found throughout different places inside the ear.

Are there different types of cartilage piercings?

Yes! Here's some examples of cartilage piercings:

  • Industrial: Top of the ear is pierced in the front and back, so a threaded barbell can go through them. This hardcore barbell style is perfect for any rockstar!
  • Helix: The top of the ear is pierced once. Simple and cute, a helix piercing is the perfect earring for anyone who's fun and care-free!
  • Rook: The anti-helix is pierced, which is lower than the helix and above the tragus. This unique earring is great for anyone who loves going on adventures!
  • Tragus: As mentioned earlier, the piece of cartilage in front of the ear canal is pierced. Tragus piercings are the best of both worlds: unique and fun-loving!
  • Daith: The innermost part of the cartilage is pierced, above the tragus and at the end of the helix. Some say that piercing the daith can help relieve migraines!
  • Conch: The center of the ear; can either have a barbell that goes straight through the ear, or a hoop that wraps around and dangles against the ear. This piercing truly makes a statement, so it can be a sign that you're bold and not afraid to show it!

How long does it take for a tragus piercing to heal?

Every tragus piercing is different, and so the average time for a tragus piercing to heal is from 3 months to 6 months. It's important to take care of a healing cartilage piercing, and to know the warning signs of infection. Aftercare will help keep the piercing cleaned and sanitized, so make sure you follow the steps of cleaning it with saline solution. If you believe your piercing hasn't healed properly, or if you think something is wrong in general, then you should contact your piercer immediately.

What kind of cartilage jewelry will I find at Spencer's?

Most of the cartilage body jewelry at Spencer's is meant for the industrial, tragus, or daith--though we do have the occasional rook or helix earring. Cartilage earrings can sometimes be tricky to change, so it's important to know what you're getting the right piece of body jewelry for your piercing. Tragus piercing jewelry, for example, can be found in both hoops and studs. And if you're unsure of exactly what you want to find in terms of piercing jewelry, then feel free to browse our site! From gorgeous, jeweled studs to simple hoops, our selection of cartilage rings has a little something for every kind of style. The closure of these rings varies, as well; you could have a threaded/beaded barbell or a small captive ring, depending on your preference. You can show off your style with a curved barbell or cuff (we even have clip-on cuffs for your friends without piercings), or a beaded stud to add a flash of color to your piercing.

No matter what kind of look you want to go for, you can take your cartilage ear piercing style to the next level when you shop for cartilage and tragus jewelry at Spencer's! You can show off a piercing style that’s true to your personality, while still standing out in a crowd, with any of our gorgeous cartilage jewelry. Whether you need something for your helix piercing or you want tragus earrings, or just cartilage earrings in general, you can find it as part of our wide selection of affordable body jewelry right here at Spencer’s Online. So what are you even waiting for?! Keep your style way fresher than anyone else when you shop our assortment of cartilage jewelry!