The jack rabbit vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys for women around. It’s beloved by the ladies for more than just its infamous appearance on Sex and the City back in the day! Spencer’s naughty selection carries numerous variations of these powerful bunny vibrators for women who want it all: clitoral and internal stimulation at the same time.

              What Is a Rabbit Vibrator?

              The rabbit vibrator got its name because many variations of it have a rabbit shaped toy with bunny ears that buzz against a woman’s clitoris while the shaft has beads inside of it that swirl around and stimulate the G-spot of her internal vaginal walls for a double dose of sexual pleasure. Often, they are strategically located so they whirl against the most sensitive part of the vagina near the opening. When it comes to satiating your arousal, you get the best of both worlds with a rabbit sex toy because you get the thrill of penetration with the tumbling sensation of the beads, plus the buzzing against your clit. When those three types of erotic stimulation happen simultaneously, they can be truly explosive in ways that each one on their own in separate vibrators simply can’t match.

              What's the Difference Between a Rabbit Vibrator and a Regular Vibrator?

              The main difference between a rabbit vibrator and a regular vibrator are the vibrating rabbit ears that provide clitoral stimulation along with internal penetration. In many cases, rabbit vibes also are designed for G-spot stimulation, which makes the bunny vibrator one of the most versatile in pleasure sensations. If you've experimented with dildos or traditional vibes before and are looking for a new level of pleasure, a jack rabbit vibe should definitely be next on your list.

              Are Rabbit Vibrators Good for Beginners?

              Because they have such a cute, fun look, these make a great beginner vibrator, especially if you’re just figuring out whether you prefer clitoral or vaginal stimulation (or, like many women, both!). For an excellent option when you’re starting out on your sex toy journey, try the Thrill Multi-Speed Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator. Waterproof vibes can join you in the bath or shower for a lot underwater fun. Plus, if you're worried about noise, using a waterproof toy in the shower can sometimes help drown out the sound of the vibrations. You can let the rabbit ears stroke your clit before you start the shaft spinning to get accustomed to that type of pleasure, and experiment with how the different speeds feel as you activate each vibrating sensation.

              What Are the Most Popular Rabbit Toys?

              The term "rabbit vibrator" has now come to mean any dual-action vibrator that arouses both the clitoris and a woman’s internal walls. Some of our most popular toys are G-spot vibrators with a rabbit simulator. Specifically, one of our most popular sex toys for women is the Pearl Diver Dolphin G-Spot Vibrator, whose specially rotating, curved tip makes it easy to reach your G-spot and deliver some of the most intense erotic sensations you’ll ever feel. It also has rotating beads that stimulate your clitoris. If you’re giving a jack rabbit vibe as a gift (to yourself or someone special who could use its powers), consider adding some sparkle to their life with a Queenie Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator, so they can slip between the sheets in high style.

              Do Rabbit Dildos Also Offer Anal Stimulation?

              There are some rabbit variations that also feature anal play! You can up the ante with the Double Penetration Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator, which gives you three times the sex appeal because in addition to its other functions, it also adds an anal stimulator into the mix.

              A rabbit vibrator is a wonderful option for your next sex toy because you can adjust its settings, ramping up the clitoral vibration while keeping the shaft on a lower setting (or using it solely for penetration). You get to be in full control of how much power you deliver to your most sensitive parts. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?