What are nipple rings?

            The term nipple rings refers to different styles of jewelry used to decorate a nipple piercing. While it's most common to have one set of nipple piercings, it's also possible to have multiple piercings in each nipple, or just one nipple pierced. Much like a tongue ring, nipple rings can be considered to be “sexual piercings”, but they don't have to if you don't want them to! Nipple jewelry can be as stylish or as sexy as you want them to be, and it's all about what you personally want. And the best part about nipple piercings is that you can have them regardless of your body type; even if you think they're too small or you have inverted nipples, a professional piercer should have no problem with getting the job done.

            Are nipple piercings painful?

            While most piercers agree that the pain is usually tolerable, nipple piercings can be quite painful. They don't hurt as much as some genitalia piercings, but keep in mind that, unlike a nose, tragus, or most other piercings, the nipple isn't made of cartilage. The nipple is made of soft tissue, and piercing it can definitely be quite the pinch. So if you think piercing them will be similar to getting a belly button ring or ear piercings, then you might want to consider getting other body jewelry instead.

            What kind of nipple rings can be found at Spencer's?

            If you have a nipple piercing, then we know you want to decorate it with the perfect nipple piercing jewelry to match your own unique style Here at Spencer's, we sell a few different kinds of nipple rings:

            Nipple Barbells

            Nipple barbells are the most popular style of nipple jewelry, and stay true to their name: they're barbells that go straight through your nipple piercing. Pierced nipples are often horizontal (thought vertical piercings are not unheard of), so some barbells feature cute designs at the ends, like arrows, gems, or flowers. Nipple barbells are often more discreet under clothing, making them great for everyday wear.

            Nipple Shields

            Nipple shields feature a decorative style that connects to the ends of the barbell and wraps around the outside of the nipple; they're basically like circular barbells. Popular styles of nipple shields include heart shapes and perfect circles, putting your nipple in the center of the design. These cute rings are absolutely perfect for anyone who enjoys truly making a statement with their body jewelry.

            Nipple Chains

            This double-ended jewelry requires you to have a set of nipple piercings, because a chain is attached to the two nipple rings (or clamps) and dangles in front of you. Nipple chains are the perfect nipple jewelry for any special, sensual occasion as they're quick to draw your lover's attention straight to your breasts. Some feature cute heart shields, while others have clamps instead of nipple barbells. If you enjoy having your nipples bitten, pinched, and teased, then you'll love the pleasurable pressure of nipple clamps.

            Nipple Captive Rings

            Captive rings are as versatile as they come in the world of jewelry, and they can be used in different piercings like nipples, nose, and septum. Most are made from surgical stainless steel or titanium, keeping them safe for all of these piercings (unless you're sensitive to surgical steel). A captive bead ring is great for giving a simple yet stylish look to your nipple piercings, so you can wear them for most occasions. But if you use them for multiple piercings, then make sure to clean the captive nipple rings before wearing them in a different piercing. Cleaning your body jewelry is just as important as aftercare!

            Visit our blog to find out about the different types of nipple piercings and related details about planning and caring for your piercing.

            No matter what style of nipple rings you're looking for, you can find something to match your style right here at Spencer's! From cute barbells to sexy chains, our jewelry selection is sure to please anyone looking to step up their nipple piercing style. And feel free to check out our other unique body jewelry, too! Featuring unique selections of earrings, daith rings, labret rings and more, Spencer's can be the one-stop shop for all your body jewelry needs!