What is a lava lamp?

              A lava lamp is a glass globe filled with wax, water, and oil that is then placed over a lamp. The heat from the light is enough to warm the wax, causing it to rise and fall through the liquid. They're also known as Astro lamps, lava lites, or motion lamps, and come in various colors and styles. Simply put, it's the coolest table lamp you'll ever own.

              Invented in the 60s by Edward Craven-Walker, the founder of Mathmos, lava lamps have been adored for years by adults and kids alike. Who doesn't love staring at the colorful, wax bubbles as float throughout the fun glass? The delightful waves of color promise to elevate any room or dorm and create a calm and happy space. And these lamps are totally easy to use; just plug them in, flip the switch and watch the blobs of wax float about!

              What lava lamps are available at Spencer's?

              We've got any and all color combinations, shapes and sizes, from Colormax mermaid and volcano lamp styles to meet all of your cool lava lamp needs. You can show some love for your favorite musician with a Rasta Bob Marley lava lamp with its classic green, yellow and red colors. If you want to keep it calm and chill, then you may want a cool-colored lamp, like a lamp with incandescent pink wax and purple liquid or purple wax with blue liquid. You could even get creative with a chalkboard lava lamp, which lets you draw on the base for fun. Or if you prefer a vortex of sparkles, a glitter lava lamp is right for you! From as small as 6 inches to full-sized lamps, these fun party lights are a great way for showing off a piece of your personality!

              What should I do if my lava lamp becomes cloudy?

              Don't worry! Cloudiness in your lamp's liquid can be an easy enough fix. To clear up the water, you should begin by turning off the light and let the wax settle at the bottom of the globe and completely cool. Then, turn on until the density of the wax breaks up. After breaking begins shut off again until it cools, then repeat. Running the lamp in short “bursts" like this will help. And to prevent this in the future, don't move or shake lamp while warm--and especially don't shake or drop the bottle!

              Are lava lamps safe?

              Lava lamps are safe so long as you know how to use them! If this is your first time buying one of these cool lamps, make sure to consider the following:

              • If you have children, make sure to keep them out of reach. "Look, but don't touch" definitely applies to lava lamps.
              • Don't leave the lava lamp on for too long. If the light is on but the wax has stopped flowing, this could be a sign of overheating.
              • Don't touch a lava lamp that's on or has been on recently; they get very hot!
              • Make sure the area around your lava lamp is clean; don't leave clutter (especially paper) around.
              • The liquid in lava lamps is non-toxic, but you should never break or force one open.
              • DIY lava lamps should be for science experiments only!

              You can give your next party a retro feel when you grab a Spencer's lava lamp! You can go back to the grooviest time in history as you light up your home with a giant lava lamp in an array of bold and exciting colors that are sure to make all your guests smile. You'll get lost in our large selection of retro room decor and you’re sure to find a lava lamp that perfectly matches your personal style. Snag one for a gift or treat yourself to the ultimate chill out accessory as you watch the colors dance and find yourself relaxing more and more. But using one to bump up the party when you shut off the lights will have everyone ready to get groovy. Just one glance at the stunning visual fireworks and you'll become mesmerized. Don’t forget to grab some extra lava lamp bulbs and batteries so your party lighting decor never goes out. Whether you’re lighting up a new home or simply want to add some color, or you want your kid to appreciate them just has much as you do, you can get the perfect novelty lamp right here at Spencer's. We're is all about the lava!