If you're looking to add a little extra something-something to your look, lip rings are the perfect choice! Make your mark by accessorizing your piercings and showing off your true style. The options for labret and lip rings, part of Spencer's wide assortment of affordable body jewelry, are nearly endless, and we're here to give you the 411!

            Where Does a Labret Ring Go?

            Labret rings can be used for many different types of piercings. The main piercing that labret rings are associated with are lip rings, and that's 100% accurate. There are many different names for piercings that incorporate labret jewelry and we're going to fill you in on everything you need to know!

            Monroe Piercing

            A monroe piercing is on the upper left side of the lip. It's called a monroe piercing because it's meant to resemble the beauty mark of the famous Marilyn Monroe.

            Madonna Piercing

            The placement of a Madonna piercing is similar to the Monroe piercing, but on the upper right side of the lip.

            Medusa Piercing

            The Medusa piercing, or philtrum piercing, is located on the upper lip directly under the septum of the nose.

            Horizontal Lip Piercing

            A horizontal lip piercing features two holes in the center of your lip. These piercings usually require a curved barbell.

            Vertical Lip Piercing

            A vertical lip piercing is a vertical piercing through the center of the bottom lip.

            Dahlia Piercing

            A Dahlia piercing consists of two holes on either side of the lips. This piercing is closer to the cheek, but is still considered a lip piercing, which in turn, required a labret ring.

            Labret Piercing

            There's that word again! The labret piercing is located directly under the bottom lip in the direct center. You can wear studs, horsehoes, or captive rings in this piercing.

            Angel Bites

            Angel bites are located on top of both sides of your upper lip. As if you've been bitten by an angel, I suppose.

            Cyber Bites

            Cyber bites are located in the center of your upper lip and the center of your bottom lip. If it's easier, think about it this way: A labret piercing and a Medusa piercing.

            Canine Bites

            Canine bites are piercings that basically surround your entire mouth. With four total piercings, you'll have two on each corner of your bottom lip, and two on ear corner of your top lip.

            Dolphin Bites

            Dolphin bite piercings are located in the center of your bottom lip. It's basically like having two labret piercings.

            Spider Bites

            Spider bites is a fancy way to say "double lip piercing." This piercing features two holes on either side of the mouth. You can use labret rings for both of these holes.

            Snake Bites Piercing

            Snake bite piercings are located on both sides of your bottom lip, as if you're been bitten by a snake, duh!

            Shark Bites

            Double up on the snake bites, and you've got yourself shark bites! Shark bites are like spider bites, but on both sides of the bottom lip.

            WOW! There are so many piercings that require labret rings and lip rings. You can fill all of your piercing holes with lip jewelry like studs, captive bead rings, threaded labret rings, or push-in lip jewelry. Need to hide it? Use a retainer, and you'll be good to go. Shine bright with a CZ style, or try an acrylic piece to spice things up! Visit our blog to learn more about the different types of lip piercings and which one might be right for you.

            Which piercing do you have? Which piercing are you itching to get? Shop all of your labret rings and lip rings right here and Spencer's, and you'll be ready to show of that body modification in no time at all!