What Is a Dildo?

              A dildo is a type of sex toy, often shaped like a penis, used for erotic penetration. Dildos are some of the best sex toys around, because there’s so much variety in terms of color and size. They can be vibrating or non-vibrating, and can be anal dildos, strap on and strapless, or even realistic.

              Does Spencer's Sell Dildos?

              Absolutely! You'll find top rated dildos of all shapes and sizes at Spencer's. Our selection includes:

              Vibrating Dildos: Dildos that feature a vibrator inside to offer different, pleasurable sensations.
              Double Dildos: A long dildo that features a tip on both ends, so that two people may be penetrated at once.
              Strap On Dildos: A dildo that straps onto the body with a harness.
              Glass Dildos: Dildos that are made out of glass to offer intense firmness and can be used for temperature play.
              Realistic Dildos: Dildos that are made to look anatomically correct to give a more realistic experience.
              Fantasy Dildos: Dildos that are made to look like anatomy of fictional creatures and monsters, for a truly unique experience.
              G-Spot Dildos: Dildos that are curved, purposely to stimulate the G-spot.
              Suction Cup Dildos: Dildos that have a suction cup at the end, and are stuck to the wall to offer a "hands free" experience.

              Spencer's offers these popular adult toys in every color and skin tone you prefer, both huge and smaller ones so you can enjoy the sensation, no matter what your desired size.

              What's the Difference Between Anal Dildos and Vaginal Dildos?

              Dildos can be used for vaginal and anal penetration by one person for solo pleasure, while double dildos enable the both of you to enjoy the thrill of deep penetration at the same time and share an intimate moment as you use your new toy. We have numerous glass dildo options, which many users prefer because they’re easy to clean, odor resistant and may make your orgasms even more powerful. You can even put a glass dildo in the freezer or run it under hot water to experiment with different sensations. There are even suction cup dildos that will stick to the wall for fun shower sex, which you can enhance even more with a waterproof G-spot vibrator. They can be used for anal play as well as vaginal penetration, making them versatile as well as arousing.

              How Do I Incorporate Dildos Into Couples Play?

              If you and your lover are looking for a new toy, then don't worry. Spencer’s has everything you need to find the dildo of your dreams. In addition to wanting the best dildos around, some sex toy lovers seek out realistic-looking dildos, as realistic dildos feature flesh colored material that mimics the male anatomy. Whether you're playing with yourself or with a partner, these lifelike toys are perfect for letting your sexual fantasies run wild.

              And if you want to try a strap-on sex, Spencer’s has plenty of strap on dildos along with harnesses to make this common sexual fantasy into a reality. The great thing is that the dildo can be used on its own for other types of sexual exploration and then put in the harness and used for pegging or other strap-on play. To reduce friction and maximize your pleasure, you may also want to check out our personal lubricant selection to go with your new dildo.

              Should I Use Lubricant with My Dildo?

              Everyone's body is different, so whether or not you choose to use lubricant can be completely up to you. Lube is often required for anal sex, though it may not be needed for vaginal penetration; you could possibly use a vibrator to heighten your pleasure quicker. But keep in mind that if your sex toy is made of silicone, that it should never be used silicone-based lube. If you're not sure what material your toy is made of, or how your body will react to the lube, then using water-based lubricant is your safest option. Spencer's features many types of personal lubricants.

              And, as always, make sure to clean your sex toys after each use!