Spencer's has all the erotic toys you love most including suction cup dildos. Keep reading to learn more about this popular adult item.

            What Is a Suction Cup Dildo?

            A suction cup dildo is simply a dildo with a suction cup base. Because you can stick it in place, a suction cup dildo is a sex toy that provides its user with the opportunity to experiment with different positions and locations easily. Suction cup sex toys are great for when you’re on your own and want to give your hand a break or when you want to try something new (we’ll leave those possibilities up to your naughty imagination). It lets the user slide their body back against the girth and be in charge of when and how it thrusts, and gives you peace of mind because you know it’s secure.

            How Do I Use a Suction Cup Dildo?

            All you have to do is stick the toy against the wall, directly onto the floor, attach it to the shower wall, or anywhere else you can find a smooth, flat surface. A wall suction dildo allows you to control the angle and pressure, which means you can maximize your sexual pleasure--and if the angle is right, you may even experience G-spot stimulation. You could also use a clitoral vibrator at the same time, or stroke your nipples, because your hands are entirely free. And if you don't have a vagina, then you can use one anally (as long as it has a flared base!) as you stroke your penis. Some dildos even have vibrators, so you can enjoy the vibrating pleasure all throughout the toy's insertable length. Think of the whole world of sensual possibilities that opens up when you have a hands free dildo!

            But keep in mind that if you're going to use a dildo for anal sex, lubricant is a must. The anus is not self-lubricating, and so using lube during anal play will make sure to reduce the discomfort and friction. And if your suction cup toy is made of silicone, then you should stay away from silicone-based lube. Silicone toys will react badly when in contact with silicone lube, and it won't be a good time for anyone involved.

            If you are having trouble getting your item to suction we suggest trying a little lubrication in the middle of the suction base. A small amount if needed. Even adding a tiny bit of moisture to your finger and simply swiping across the middle of the suction base at times does the trick. The surface being used can also contribute to some suction difficulty. If your item is being used in a shower or bathroom steam may be a factor as well causing too much moisture. We also recommend pushing around the rim of the suction for optimal contact. Please note: Different surfaces, temperature and humidity can affect the suction between your item and a surface. Another tip to take into consideration are certain lubricants. Depending on different components in some lubricants it may actually leave a residue on your item as well. We suggest cleaning your item before and after each use, for the best care we recommend Hott Love Antibacterial Toy Cleaner. 

            Can I Use a Suction Dildo with My Lover?

            Absolutely! Many suction cup dildos are anatomically correct, complete with realistic balls and veins in a variety of skin tones and sizes, and therefore perfect for role-playing and exploring erotic fantasies with a lover. If you and your lover have ever thought about having a threesome, but you're not sure about inviting a third person to the party, then one of these dildos could be great for adding a second (or third) penis without out any of the commitment. You can use the suction cup right on the shower wall, making your shower time even steamier for you and your lover.

            Some couples use a dildo a with suction cup to engage in a bit of technological exhibitionism and voyeurism, using video chat during masturbation while their lover appreciates the very sexy view. Others use them as portable sexy playthings they can take with them on a romantic or work trip. Going on your honeymoon? Pack a bag of sex toys and include one of these so you can have a hot time in a new city!

            Whether you have experience with dildos or not, these specially designed toys give you full control as you seek out new places to get it on. And with so many realistic, girthy options to choose from, you can find a suction cup dildo that's perfect for your pleasure. 

            Where Can I Get a Dildo with Suction Cup?

            You can get your new suction sex toy along with personal lubricant right here at Spencer's! We can help give a whole new meaning to “hands free” so you can explore all of your sexual cravings, from vibrating to waterproof dildos, with the help of a simple suction cup. With a large selection, great prices, and discreet shipping, you'll feel confident when shopping Spencer's for your new suction cup sex toy.