If you’re looking for a wide selection of daith jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. Spencer’s carries daith earrings in a huge array of colors and styles, including body sensitive titanium, so you can make your daith piercing stand out. Here you’ll find all our daith rings, featuring everything from barbells and industrial barbells to captive bead rings, horseshoe rings and so much more.

              Some of our most popular daith jewelry include a CZ flower cartilage earring, spiked horseshoe rings, various colors and metallic looks, and a multi-pack of pearl-effect and CZ curved barbells. Whether you want to give off an astronomical vibe with a moon industrial barbell, rock some prehistoric chic with a dinosaur or give of a golden glow, we’ve got you covered. We understand that you want your piercings to stand out and get noticed, and our jewelry is a wonderful way to help you do that. We’re constantly adding new daith earrings to this section, so check back any time you want to switch up your ear jewelry. You’ll find the latest, modern looks right here, all at affordable prices. They’re part of our wide selection of cartilage jewelry.

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