Impractical Jokers T-Shirts & Merchandise

The Impractical Jokers are taking over Spencer Gifts! Prepare to laugh your ass off and look the part while rocking our exclusive Impractical Jokers merchandise. While Joe, Murr, Q, and Sal spend their days pranking each other, you can show off your love for the hidden camera-practical joke reality series with an Impractical Jokers t shirt. Have you ever dreamed of reenacting the Sweat the Small Things episode? Don’t you worry! We have the Dartboard of Destiny right here. You will be ready to baby-talk a guy or maybe take the $50 freebie. The Spencer’s exclusive line also includes hilarious t shirts, hats, shot glasses, and more. Be careful not to get too many thumbs down and end up on the loser board or you can expect to take a punishment… like a tattoo... or skydiving. Just remember, you refuse, you lose! So show everyone that pranks before pride is your moto and rock Impractical Jokers merchandise, exclusively at!