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If you’re curious about adult toys or bondage but aren’t sure where to store, check out a Spencer’s sex kit from our adult store for a variety of items sure to enhance your sex life. Maybe you’ve heard, watched or read something about a sexual practice like g spot orgasms, nipple play or BDSM, or even had fantasies about them, but you don’t know if you’ll enjoy them in real life.

We know can be overwhelming to face a seemingly endless array of options when you are just starting out on your sexual journey. Perhaps you saw Fifty Shades of Grey and it piqued your curiosity about being a submissive, or a lover suggested something they want to try. You have a feeling you’ll be into it, but want to dip your feet (and other body parts) in before investing a lot on toys you might never use again. At Spencer’s, we want to help you have the best sex of your life, so that’s what we have a range of affordable sex toy kits to help get you started on your next erotic exploration.

Best Couples' Sex Toys

Our adult toy kits in our sex store allow you to safely and easily take your sexuality in a new direction, whether alone or with a partner, to figure out what really floats your boat. We have beginner bondage sex kits, nipple play kits and much more. Most come with several items you can use individually or in conjunction with one another as you playfully venture into new territory in the bedroom. After all, how will you know what turns you on until you’ve tried it for yourself, especially when it comes to something as specific as hot wax or cock rings? No matter how many people explain what it feels like or how many videos you watch of people doing it, that won’t tell you what those drops of wax will feel like on your nipple, or how hard you’ll get with that cock ring wrapped around you.

How to Choose Sex Toys for Couples

You can act out your sexual fantasies by shopping together with your partner and selecting a couples sex kit that has items you both want to try. Just the act of going over the list of what’s contained inside may be the start of some dirty talk that leads you to greater intimacy and eagerness to test out your new toys. You want to communicate clearly with your partner about what you’re curious about, what you definitely want to test out and what’s on your “not for me” lists so that nobody is faced with a huge shock (in other words, don’t simply bust out a pair of handcuffs and bondage tape on an unsuspecting partner, but ease into your kinky explorations so you’re both comfortable).

Maybe you want to have a little bondage fun, but aren’t sure who should be the one getting tied up and blindfolded? You can take turns, talking and experimenting together. Or you’ve heard all about the wonders of the g spot, maybe from a friend who discovered she could squirt, but you have no idea how to even find yours. Our fantasy G-spot kit not only has a curved G-spot vibrator designed to hit your sensitive internal area, it also contains massage lotion so your partner can give you a rubdown and a bullet vibrator you can use for clitoral stimulation, along your partner’s genitals or anywhere else you like. Use them all at once or experiment with them one at a time. Remember, sexual pleasure and climax are not a race to the finish line, but a process you can enjoy every step of the way.

Best Sex Toys for Couples

These adult product kits also make wonderful presents for your lover’s birthday, an anniversary or just to make them smile. If you’re into bright colors, give your lover and yourself the gift of neon sex toys with our sex kit that includes a vibrating cock ring for him, a vibrator for her as well as love rope, enhancing cream and g-spot tingling cream. All of these exciting adult toys come in one convenient package that’ll provide endless hours of bedroom fun.

Whether you’re single, have just started seeing someone new or are in a long-term relationship, it’s always good to get out your sex rut and simply have fun as you figure out what you want to try next, whether that’s based on something you’ve seen or heard about or the suggestion of a partner. Spencer’s offers a variety of sex toy packages to maximize your enjoyment, whether you want to make oral sex even juicier, delve into a fetish, or look into bondage. Some kits also come with personal lubricant. If they don't, we have plenty of lubes for you to enhance your pleasure.

If you have any questions about our sex toy kits or other adult products in our sex shop, contact us by clicking the "Help" button above or the "Ask Jackie" button below. You can also reach the Spencer's Customer Service department by phone by calling 1-800-762-0419.