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Sex Stool - Fetish Fantasy
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Spencer's wants you to have the best sex possible! As part of our online adult store, we have plenty of sex furniture so you can get it on in your favorite positions.

What is sex furniture?

Sex furniture is used during foreplay and intercourse to experiment with different sexual positions in order to find better angles to pleasure each other. Other kinds of erotic furniture can vibrate or feature a sex toy attached are designed to be used for masturbation.

Are there different styles of sex furniture?

Absolutely! Different sexual needs and positions require different kinds of furniture, after all. Check out below for common styles of sex furniture:

  • Inflatable cushions: These cushions are more reliable than a simple pillow, and are great for spanking during foreplay and getting the right angle during sex.
  • Sex stools: This can make riding your partner easier than ever; it holds up your body and allows you to lower and raise your hips at your own pace.
  • Sex chairs: A sex chair will have you ditching the couch in no time. They're often inflatable and can feature straps to lock you or your lover into place. 
  • Ramps: A ramp is a specific type of cushion that's shaped like a ramp (obviously). It allows you to test out your favorite positions with extra support.
  • Slings: Slings are great for holding your legs in place (or out of the way). Plus, it allows to do other more fun things with your hands.  
  • Masturbators: Like we mentioned earlier, this type of furniture is designed with features that are great for masturbation. 

Why would I use a sex chair?

We know you probably love getting it on in bed or on the sofa, but trying something different can make your relationship even hotter, help you discover creative new sex positions, and simply make your sex life more exciting. Sure, you could use a simple cushion or pillow to test different angles, but a sex chair from our sex shop can provide you with new angles and positions that you normally wouldn't think about. If you have a BDSM kink, then you can use straps to hold your lover in place in bed--or skip the bed altogether and strap them into a bondage chair for a night of sexy fun!

Simply put, it can make your sexual fantasies come to life. If a sex machine available at any time with the touch of a button is what you’ve been dreaming of, then a vibrating dildo seat with multiple speeds is your ticket to sexual paradise! You don’t have to do a thing except hop on and enjoy this very wild ride that’s sure to have you moaning with delight. Yes, this is a sex toys chair that delivers pleasurable vibrations all night long! Your hand will never get tired and you’ll get to ride this seat until you’re too tired for any more pleasure.

If you love bondage but don’t want to deal with any sore wrists or ankles from cuffs while you let your dominant have their way with you while you’re restrained, the position master with handcuffs lets you explore kinky sex in any way you want. This and other sex furniture, like the inflatable position master with love handles, let you enjoy your favorite sex positions for as long as possible. Or you can take your kinky fun to a new level with an inflatable bondage chair, which has six built-in restraints, leaving you at your dominant’s mercy.

Where can I buy sex furniture?

As your top source for adult toys, Spencer’s is also a trusted sex furniture store with our range of specially selected products designed to make sex as hot as possible. Furniture shopping has never been this fun! And if you and your lover are looking to buy from us online, then don't worry; our discreet shipping will make you feel confident about your naughty online shopping.

If you have any questions about our sex furniture or any other items in our online sex store, contact us by using the "Help" button above or the "Ask Jackie" button below. You can reach the Spencer's Customer Service department by calling 1-800-762-0419.