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Halloween Hats

Harley Quinn Arkham Nurse Cap - DC Comics

Whether you typically wear a hat or not, Halloween is the perfect time to don some festive headgear so it can add to your already awesome pop culture costume or speak for itself. After all, what else is there to say when you’re wearing a #wasted drinking hat? Spencer’s offers a range of playful hats in various styles that will go with whatever type of costume you’re planning.
If you’re dressing up as a magician, our top hat is a must have accessory for performing tricks (or pulling rabbits out of), while any Harley Quinn costume will be that much more on point with our officially licensed red and black lame mask hat, which even has two white pompoms. Spencer’s has all the Halloween hats you could possibly need, from a sequin green fedora to beanies, cowboy hats and even a beautiful Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Top Hat.
Our fun hats can also be worn at other times of the year (though you might get some funny looks if you sip from a drinking hat at the office!). Whether you’re rocking steampunk style, sporting a snazzy fez or keeping warm with an Olaf from Frozen beanie, your hat will be perfect touch to signal your Halloween outlook.