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Batgirl Costume Kit - DC Comics
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Stripper Costume Kit
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Want to make your Halloween costume one that’s easy to put on and portable? Check out Spencer’s assortment of costume kits that have just what you need to go from your daily look to a festive outfit in seconds. Whether you’re dressing up as a stripper or schoolgirl, hippie, pirate, or bandit, these kits are an affordable way to easily don your disguise and get into the spirit of the most fun holiday of the year.
Any man or woman can be a superhero with the addition of a mask and cape, and our superhero kits come in a variety of colors so you can making your dashing debut as a crimefighter. If you’re a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fans, you can add some flair to your favorite heroes in a half shell with our metallic sashes and mask, which go great with a TMNT t-shirt. If you want to go as the talking teddy bear star of the movie Ted, our officially licensed plush tan hat and paws will transform you in seconds (you’ll have to provide your own naughty language though).
The best part about our costume kits is that they can be worn alone for an immediately recognizable look or as an added bit of decorative fun with the rest of your Halloween costume.