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Nag Champa Premium Incense Sticks - 100 Pack
Dragon Blood Sage - 2 Pack
Multi-Pack Floral Sage - 3 Pack
9 Inch Floral Sage Wand
Lick Me All Over Premium Incense Sticks - 100 Pack
Tree Face Incense Burner

Get ready to find inner peace and complete tranquility with our holistic and healing selection. We have Himalayan salt lamps to create a relaxing ambiance, it is also said to assist with cleansing the air from negative ions. Make your home safe from negative energy with sage. Sage is the perfect way to keep out negative energy and unwanted spirits. Finally, essential oils are the new way to assist with ailments and boosting your energy. Our selection various oils such as lavender, rose, and jasmine. Make sure those scents really radiate throughout your home with one of our oil diffusers. Essential oils and salt lamps are key to healing mental and physical ailments. Find a calming energy and reach serenity with our selection on holistic and healing items here at