Toilet Humor

Toilet Seat Turd
No Tear Toilet Paper
Fake Dog Poo Poo
Fuck a Duck Blow-Up Doll
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From funny toilet paper to the classic fake poop prank, bathroom pranks always get a laugh! At Spencer's, we like a flush as much as the next guy which is why we carry a butt-load of toilet humor items designed to make you laugh so hard, you might wet yourself. Whether it's a good fart joke or a pig-in-shit soap dispenser, Spencer's is the undisputed bathroom humor king! Everybody likes a good potty joke, so pick up something from our bathroom humor selection and get ready to crack up. You can even find some political toilet paper to wipe with so you can show how you really feel about the candidates today. You can also make other people laugh when you drink your cup of joe out of a coffee makes me poop travel mug, or just show off your love of poop with any of our poop-shaped products! So get ready to bring bathroom humor wherever you go, because Spencer’s has more toilet humor than any bathroom can handle!