Bachelor Party Favors & Gifts

Big Boob Stress Ball
Boobs Planter
Boobs Molded Jar - 3 oz.
Light-Up Boobie Shot Glass

If you’re throwing your best bro a bachelor party, make sure all the guests get fun Spencer’s bachelor party gifts so they can celebrate the groom all night long. Hand out some flavored condoms because you never know where the night may lead and have everyone get lit with glow sticks. For memorable bachelor party favors, let all the groomsmen enjoy drinking from light up boobie shot glasses they can take home with them when the revelry ends. For even more bachelor party gag gifts that will make everyone laugh when you pass out lick me naughty lollipops or a boob pen that even tastes like alcohol. Make one of the rules of the bachelor party that everyone has to wear a mini party hat and you’ll have the perfect accessory for some selfies that will live in infamy.

If you really want to solidify the friendships in the room, give everyone The Bro Code book so they understand what it really takes to be a man. Our bachelor party accessories are both useful, hilarious, and the perfect thank you to everyone who made the night awesome!