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Fashion Backpacks

Kitten Big Ass Backpack - 2.5 Ft Tall
Online Only
Black and Gray Backpack - Champion
Charcoal Stripe Backpack - Dickies
Online Only
Classic Dark Green Backpack - Dickies
Online Only
Campbell Ripstop Backpack - Dickies
Online Only
Magic Sequin Backpack
Online Only
Faux Fur Shimmer Backpack
Online Only
Raven Fold Backpack
Roll Top Backpack
Striped Hinge Backpack
Olive Hinge Backpack
Faux Fur Light Up Cat Backpack
Bears Grateful Dead Backpack
Wu-Tang Clan Backpack
Unicorn Iridescent Backpack
Quilted Rose Velvet Backpack
Rainbow Gradient Lightning Backpack
Rainbow Pineapples Backpack
Cross Ruck Sack Backpack
Charcoal Ripstop Backpack - Dickies
Checkered Backpack - Dickies

Rock the hallways with your favorite tribal print when you use one of our Fashion Backpacks to lug your textbooks from class to class. You can even have your friends searching for Waldo when you head to biology in the puzzle backpack. Some of the coolest bookbags can be found at Spencer's Online like a Tiger Face Backpack on a rainbow background for the fierce lioness inside you! Check out some our lanyards that will fit perfectly in our outside pockets and keep your keys safe. For some Cute bags to perfect your back to school outfit, stop at Spencer's and check out our selections. We even offer some awesome duffle bags for heading to the gym!